Templestowe is one of the more prestigious suburbs of Melbourne.

And the home that the Neilson family has just completed demonstrates how well Futurewood suits quality upmarket projects and contemporary design.

Dramatic vertical battens are a primary feature of the house, for which the architects specified 40mm x 30mm EnviroSlat in Saltbush, one of five colours available in the range.

Because of their consistently straight lengths, with none of the warping or cupping inherent with traditional timber cladding, EnviroSlat is ideal for this sort of application, eliminating wastage and simplifying installation.

“We were after a product that required little maintenance and that was environmentally friendly so we decided to go with Futurewood for our decking and wall battens for the facade around the home,” said David.

Futurewood products certainly fit the bill on that score, using recycled industrial waste instead of endangered rainforest timbers to produce a product with excellent weathering properties that is impervious to insect attack.

The home also features a small landing area in 138mm CleverDeck, again in Saltbush, which has a number of practical advantages over ordinary timber decking.

“With Futurewood you don’t have to worry about oiling the deck and I don’t have to worry about the deck rotting, so it just makes perfect sense,” said David. “Especially when it looks so good.”
The Neilson’s beautiful home is a fine example of the way architects are now embracing Futurewood, both for its aesthetic qualities and the many practical advantages it offers.

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