Enjoy A Functional and Stylish In Ground Pool Deck

If you have a pool in your backyard, the next logical step is to come up with stylish in ground pool deck designs and ideas. Before you go around asking for the best timber to use for decking around a pool in 2018 or if you can build a deck around an intex pool, there are a few important things that you have to consider first.

Pool Deck Material

Just like all the other major home purchases, decking materials for your swimming pool are available in varying cost, durability, and appearance. Start your research by familiarizing yourself with the types of synthetic and authentic decking. Apart from that, you should also consider using specific types of wood or decking for your decking project’s structural parts and for areas that you can actually see like surfaces and railings. Know and understand the different materials that are most widely used to build residential decks and that includes all their pros and cons.

Traditional wood is among the most common material used for inground pool deck designs. It comes with several advantages like its authenticity and natural warmth. It smells good, looks natural, and affordable, too. But, just like every other material out there, it also comes with several disadvantages. If left unmaintained, it will lose or change its color, crack, and split.

Composite wood and co-extrusion timber is also increasing in popularity as materials for pool decks. Also known as plastic wood, composites have become the fastest growing decking material especially for residential use over the past decades. Composite decking is an eco-friendly alternative to conventional wood because it is made of recycled materials. It comes with several benefits like being weather resistant, lightweight, strain resistant, rot and splinter free and requires minimal upkeep.

Coextrusion decking material is famous among homeowners who have a pool. It is weather resistant, it won’t decay or rot, and it doesn’t burn. Its color will last for a long time, it has a textured finish, and is slip resistant. This material is slightly more expensive to standard composite decking and is within reach for most homeowners.

Pool Deck Colors

Color will have a big impact on the appearance of a deck for swimming pools. It is an important element in all design concepts. Whether you are installing, renovating, or planning in ground pool deck designs, be sure to put an extra thought on what color you want to include. There are a few factors that you need to consider. First, be sure to follow your desire. You can express yourself through your color choice. You can choose from different shades. Lighter colors represent happiness. It also makes the deck look larger and wider. On the other hand, darker colors can make your deck look more intact and cozy. You may also use contrasting colors to emphasize a spot.

Another thing you need to remember is to be practical when choosing a color. Although aesthetics is important, you should never forget to create a functional space for you, your family, friends, and guests. You also have to take the surroundings and your backyard into account. Never ignore the simple fact that your backyard is comprised of several other features that affect the overall appeal of your deck. You need to consider these elements when choosing a color. If you do this, your pool area will complement the aesthetics of the rest of the house.

Test the colors first. Your outdoor space is filled with varying conditions. The sun comes up and goes down at different times of the day. When that happens, shadows will cover certain areas of the deck. If you can, be sure to test different colors first. Place it on your deck and see how it looks during the day and night. Contact Futurewood if you wish to know what your options are when building a deck for ground pools.