Landscaping with Futurewood

If your garden is looking a bit shabby, winter is the ideal time to do something about that.

With milder temperatures making it easier to work outside, take advantage of the season and upgrade your landscaping.

Something simple like adding neat edges to garden beds, or putting up an attractive screen in front of that ugly pool pump can make a world of difference, as can adding a deck and Futurewood have some unique and environmentally, attractive and environmentally friendly solutions for the gardener lover.

Futurewood’s EnviroSlat garden edging can be used around pools, garden beds, ponds, or as pathways, and is termite resistant and won’t ever rot or need messy oiling or re-painting.

It looks like timber and will compliment an existing wood themed landscape. Futurewood provides a cost effective solution for people who love how wood looks in their garden, but want a low maintenance, environmentally friendly option.

Futurewood’s products are made entirely from recycled materials, and combine the attractiveness of wood with the environmentally friendly and long lasting materials they use.

Futurewood is composed of recycled polyolefin (plastic from post industrial waste), which is sourced from domestic and industrial waste, cellulose fibre and rice husks. All these materials would otherwise contribute to landfill and carbon emissions. As well as re-using waste products, Futurewood is preventing the destruction of rainforests by producing a cost effective and convenient wood replacement.

No further maintenance such as painting or oiling is ever needed with Futurewood, which prevents further damage to the environment, as dangerous chemicals aren’t required to keep Futurewood landscaping products looking good!

It is easy to give your garden a makeover with Futurewood; you can colour co-ordinate your fencing, garden edging and deck for a neat appearance, and put it together yourself, saving you time and money. If you’re interested in giving your garden an environmentally friendly makeover this winter, for a fraction of the cost of hiring a landscaper, give Futurewood a call today and ask how our great value landscaping products can help!