Building An Above Ground Pool Deck

The installation of luxury above ground pools with decks are similar to the process involved in building other freestanding decks. For purposes of stability, experts suggest that the deck should not be attached to but placed only close to the pool. For the majority of above ground pools, the decks can be three to six feet above the ground and should be braced laterally from the joists/beams to the bottom of the posts. It is also necessary to cross bracing in these locations and in both axes. If you are looking for efficient lateral restraint, embedding posts in the foundations will not be enough.

It is also important for you to figure out if there are building codes that you need to adhere to for building luxury above ground pools with decks. In terms of the gap between the pool coping and decking is typically ¾ inch at most. The local codes will also regulate the appropriate gap between boards, slip resistance, and the deck’s slope. Whether you are considering in ground pool deck designs or ideas for deck pools semi inground pools, you need to consider these requirements when you come up with the design you like. You may also think about using composite wood instead because of the many benefits that it has to offer.

Some experts recommend the installation of the pool deck under the lip of the pool’s edge. The curved sides of can be supported by a set of beams and footings. Placing joist tapes above the joist is also a good practice because this can provide protection against standing water. If you have kids, it is best to install a self-closing gate as a safety measure.

What Tools Do You Need

If you are a handy person, you most likely have the tools required for decking building for your swimming pool. There are lots of affordable hand tools and many of them are really worth buying even you won’t use them all the time. Meanwhile, power tools are quite expensive and that is why it is better to rent them instead. Deck tools can be divided into five categories. Tools for the layout and for measuring, for digging and general carpentry; for cutting, fastening, and shaping and smoothing.

When installing luxury above ground pools with decks, you have to constantly check to make sure that every part of the structure are level. You can use a 25-foot tape measure but a longer one may prove to be more handy especially if you are building a large deck. You will also need chalk lines, a framing squire, speed squares, and a torpedo level.

When it comes to excavation, hand tools can handle the task required to build a small deck. However, you might need to rent a machine if you are building a bigger deck. A few of the things you will need for this task include spade shovel digs, mason’s line, drain spade, and a clamshell posthole digger.

You also need tools for fastening. You will need clamps to hold items in place as you put the fasteners. You will need a pipe clamp, a squeeze clamp, a flat pry bar, a pry bar, tightening bolts and nuts, crescent wrench, a pair of locking pliers, as well as hand sledges.

When it comes to cutting, deck building does not require the level of precision needed for cabinetry. However, the cuts need to be precise. To get this task done, you need a circular saw, jigsaw, oscillating saw, reciprocating saw, utility knife, wood chisels, tins snips, and sometimes a grinder.

In case you don’t know any of these, or perhaps do not have the tools or the time to build a deck in your backyard on your own, you can always contact an expert for a free inspection and for professional assistance. Apart from that, don’t forget to consider using composite wood or co-extrusion timber for your luxury above ground pools with decks. You will definitely enjoy the many benefits that plastic wood has to offer.