What makes Futurewood So Special?

Wood plastic composite decking is touted as the best alternative to wood decking.

While this product is relatively new, more and more homebuilders and tradespeople trust this innovation not only because of its usability but also because of its durability. Did I mention that it looks amazing too?

Of all the synthetic or man-made decking materials available in the market today, Futurewood’s composite decking is one of the closest to real wood in terms of looks.

You can’t really tell that it’s man-made unless you look at it closely. It’s very simple to install and unlike pure wood, it doesn’t need oiling, sanding and sealing and it will not rot! In terms of hardness, Futurewood’s Cleverdeck wood plastic composite decking is similar to a few medium density hardwoods.

Does it scratch?  Like most things, it will scratch if sharp objects are dragged across it but normal scuff marks and wear and tear blend in well with the sanded finish. Any deep scratches will most likely show so the boards would either need to be turned over as they have the same finish on both sides or the deep scratch might be able to be sanded.

Futurewood offers a 10-year warranty on their decking boards. Prices are competitive and they pride themselves on providing excellent customer service. There is a wide range of eco decking, eco fencing and eco cladding products with great looking colours and profiles to suit your taste. All of these products are made from recycled materials, proof that you can do your part in saving the environment without sacrificing quality and affordability.

Futurewood proudly supports the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). This organisation aims to protect the future of the Orangutan as well as address the conservation issues affecting the world today. They stand by their products, care for their clients AND care for the environment.

For more information about Futurewood products including wood plastic composite decking and cladding call 1300 484 308 or email [email protected]