Knowing The Different Types Of Decking Material

One of the best ways to make the most out of an unused space is by adding a deck. It does not only maximize the visual appeal of your home but also provide you with a clean and comfortable environment where you, your family and friends can spend time together doing the things you love most. A deck also allows you to make the most of your property’s potential. Apart from being a wonderful looking natural structure, decks are flexible in their design and there are several options available like Merbau decking timber to create your dream backyard. You can have a single level or multi-tiered deck. You can even add features like an outdoor kitchen. Decking lets you develop a unique space where there was none before.

When looking for a supplier of the products and materials that you will be using for your deck installation, be sure to contact one that will provide you more for the price you are paying for. It is also ideal to choose a company that uses ethically sourced decking materials. If you want an eco-friendly option, you should consider one that provides an eco-friendly alternative like composite wood. There are companies that do not only provide decking materials like composite timber decking or blackbutt timber decking but also offer services like helping your install your deck. If you prefer to hire one instead of going the DIY route, be sure to go with a service provider that’s reliable and trustworthy. They should help you with the design, approval, and installation of the deck. There are firms that accept measurements from the client for a complete decking kit. Whatever company you end up choosing, just be sure to do your research well.

Types of Decking

Treated Pine – treated pine is a kind of timber that possesses a long-term resistance to insects, decay and other organisms that destroys wood. Because it is coated with a long lasting and effective protection, treated pine works well even when exposed to the elements. It is an effective material for projects like retaining walls, pergolas, cladding, and decking.

Merbau – Merbau timber decking that comes with a high density, toughness, and durability rating. It possesses a unique appearance thanks to its distinctive interlocking grain. It is a popular choice for timber decking and hardwood flooring for a number of reasons. Its unique aesthetics is one of the many reasons why people love this material so much. It looks unmatched even when stained or painted. Even if you buy the cheapest Merbau timber decking, the resulting structure looks elegant as ever.

Jarrah – Jarrah is another material that’s popular among homeowners who wish to build a deck. Even though it is more expensive than all the other decking timber types available in the market today, it comes with beautiful color choices that make the investment worth it. Jarrah’s colour turns to grey over time if left unsealed. It is suitable for use in areas that are susceptible to fire because of its fire-resistant qualities.

Blackbutt – Blackbutt timber decking is also known for its fire resistant qualities. Blackbutt comes with a beautiful pale brown shade and can be stained if preferred. It needs to be sealed immediately and resealed regularly to avoid cracking.

Spotted Gum – Spotted Gum timber decking is also a preferred material for areas that are fire prone. It has highly durable, which makes it ideal for building a deck. It has more color variations compared to blackbutt and since it is a dense timber, it is less likely to shrink compared to other decking timber types. Additionally, it is less prone to “bleeding” compared with the other native timbers available in the market today.

Why Go For Composite wood?

Just like any other product in the market today, composite wood comes with low, mid, and high quality varieties, which are priced different as well. They are available in different colors and texture options. So, what makes composite wood a better option than real wood? Composite wood provides a number of advantages including ease of care and maintenance. It is stain and insect resistant, less likely to rot, and can withstand the harsh effects of being constantly exposed to varying weather condition. Futurewood offers a range of products composite wood and co-extrusion timber products. Contact them now if you want to know more.