Composite Decking

Futurewood composite decking is a top choice in Weston. It’s challenging and lasts long. This kind of decking does not scratch or stain easily. It also fights mould and fading. So, your deck stays looking good for many years. Kids and pets can play without getting hurt, too!

Not forgetting green lovers – choosing composite decking for your deck from Futurewood means picking an eco-friendly option! This keeps our planet safe while providing you with comfort at home!

Benefits of Composite Decking

Composite decking offers a range of benefits, including durability and longevity, low maintenance requirements, fade and stain resistance, environmental friendliness, and cost-effectiveness compared to timber decking.

Durability and longevity

Composite decking lasts for a long time. It fights off scratches, stains, and mould. The deck does not fade. It stays strong and looks new for many years. So you get peace of mind along with a great-looking deck!

Low maintenance

Composite decking is easy to care for. You save time and effort as you don’t need to stain, paint, or sand it. Just wash it with soap and water once in a while. That means your deck stays looking good for longer times without much work from you.

Fade and stain resistance

Composite decking shines in the sun and the rain. It stays bright for many years. This decking does not let stains stick to it. As a wipe, a quick clean makes it all disappear.

It does not fade or lose its glow even in hot summer sunshine or harsh winter rain.

Image of a composite deck boards featuring a white railing in Weston

Environmentally friendly

At Furturewood, we use recycled materials, including recycled polyolefin, rice husks, and reclaimed hardwood timber, in our Sydney composite decking boards, which is good for our earth. It saves trees because it uses less wood than other types of decking. Plus, we can reduce waste that goes into landfills when we can.

Actual Cost of Timber vs. Composite Decking

Regarding the cost (both initial and long-term), composite decking emerges as a more cost-effective and sensible investment compared to traditional timber decking. Here, we’re presenting a comparative analysis of the actual costs involved in timber and composite decking:

Timber Decking Composite Decking
Initial Cost Lower initial price compared to composite decking. Higher initial cost than timber decking.
Maintenance Cost High maintenance cost, requiring regular sealing, staining, and painting. Low maintenance cost as it doesn’t require regular upkeep, only occasional cleaning.
Longevity and Durability Less durable and shorter lifespan, often susceptible to scratches, stains, mould, and fading. More durable with a significantly longer lifespan, resistant to common decking problems such as scratching, staining, mould, and fading.
Environmental Impact Deforestation is a significant issue to consider. It’s an environmentally friendly option as it’s made from recycled materials.
Warranty No warranty on fading and staining. Offers a 10-year warranty.

Even though the initial cost of composite decking may be higher than timber, considering the lower maintenance cost, excellent durability, and environmental benefits, it becomes a more economical choice in the long run.

Our Composite Decking Products

Our composite decking products include co-extrusion decking, various decking resources, BAL 29-rated options, and various colours and styles.

Co-extrusion Decking

Co-extrusion decking is an excellent choice. It mixes all raw materials in an extruder. This process makes it very strong. It does not scratch or stain easily.

Plus, its colour does not fade fast. It also feels safe under bare feet and for pets because it is slip-resistant and has no splinters.

Image of composite decking board steps and a potted plant in Weston

Decking Resources

In Weston, our deck installation solutions offer a variety of clips, from starters and finishers to regular deck clips with secure blackened screws. We also provide locking pins for self-drilling into metal and breaker board clips with the same feature. For deck maintenance, consider our specially formulated Composite Timber Cleaner to keep your deck looking great for years.

Bush Fire Attack Level (BAL) 29 Rated

Our composite decking in Weston is Bush Fire Attack Level 29 Composite Timber Decking, meaning it meets the requirements for construction in bushfire-prone areas. The decking has been carefully designed and tested to withstand high heat and flames, providing your outdoor space peace of mind and safety.

Decking Colours and Styles

Futurewood’s composite timber offerings come in single and co-extrusion variations, boasting a selection of 13 standard colours and bespoke colour and finish choices. Making it easy to complement your interior decor and match your lifestyle.

Why Choose Futurewood

Choose Futurewood for high-quality and reliable wood plastic composite products, a commitment to sustainability, Australian ownership, and an easy-to-use decking calculator. Discover why we are the top choice for your decking needs.

Picture of wicker chairs on a composite deck boards, overlooking a pool in Weston

Our Products are High-Quality and Reliable

We take pride in offering high-quality and reliable composite decking products. So you can trust that when you choose Futurewood for your composite decking needs, you’re getting a product that will enhance your outdoor space for years.

Commitment to Sustainability

We are committed to sustainability. Our composite timber decking is made from recycled materials, reducing the demand for new timber and minimising waste.

Australian Ownership

We take pride in being an Australian-owned company committed to providing high-quality composite decking products. By choosing Futurewood, you are supporting local businesses and contributing to the growth of our economy.

Decking Calculator

Our deck cost estimate calculator is a handy tool that allows you to get an instant estimate of the materials you’ll need for your composite decking project. Input the dimensions of your deck, and our calculator will provide you with the number of decking boards required.

Image of a serene pool in Weston with lounge chairs and a floor made of composite decking boards

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