Important Things To Know About Deck Installation

We all want to enjoy a good weather to its fullest extent and that means going outside. But what if your home does not have an attractive outdoor living space? No need to fret! You always have the option to install a deck. Adding a deck is a popular home project these days and the demand for it is increasing steadily and it is one of the most sought after home addition in 2018.

Today’s smart technology, notable shade alternatives, wide range of outdoor materials and furniture, and myriad outdoor deck ideas to choose from have fueled the interest of homeowners for deck installations. If you are interested in getting a deck installed in your property, may it be a home or a building, and perhaps for relaxing or entertaining, here are a few things you need to know before you build your new deck.

Things To Consider

Whether you want to extend your living space or enjoy the outdoors with a special spot for grilling, dining, or lounging, installing a deck is the perfect option. But before anything else, you have to determine if your deck idea is suitable for your property.

Deck Vs. Patio – a platform that’s made of tiles or boards made of composite wood or co-extrusion timber is called a deck. Deck ideas are suitable options for you if your yard is sloped and you want to have a flat area outdoors. Since you can choose how high you want it to be, a deck is great for houses that are located high above the ground or situated atop a basement. Meanwhile, a patio is made of hardscaping materials like concrete, flagstone, or pavers. A patio is built on flat ground. Although it can be built on sloped yards, homeowners who want one to be installed on their property should be ready to spend a significant amount of cash. Many homeowners find deck installation appealing for their garden and they design it in such a way that it steps down to a patio, which they may already have in their backyard.

Know Its Purpose – In most cases, homeowners prefer a deck that can serve various purposes like an outdoor family room. It can be used for cooking, dining, and more. Some trendy and beautiful small outdoor deck ideas include the addition of a water feature, fire pit, kitchen, outdoor TV, and even a hot tub. Aside from the features, you should also determine the size of the deck, traffic flow, and safety measures. Knowing what purpose it will serve will help you determine these points. Don’t forget to consider your privacy when you’re on the deck. Seek out deck design inspiration online if you wish to add an arbor, latticework, or a pergola to help you create privacy.

Access To Your Deck – You are in luck if you currently have a door that leads outside to the place where you want your deck to be installed. In case you are adding a deck to a location in your home that does not have a door then you need to add an opening, which can boost the costs significantly based on where you want the door to be positioned on a load bearing wall or not. In case you wish to do your deck for dining, then be sure to have it built near your kitchen.

The Appearance – You also need to consider the style and the structure of your home so you can design a deck that complements or matches the overall look of your property. A seasoned professional is the best person to provide you with recommendations on the color, style, products, and materials for your deck.

The Materials – Real wood and composite timber are two of the popular options for decking boards. In the past real wood has dominated the construction industry. However, composite timber has become increasingly popular and more in demand especially when it comes to modern deck design ideas.

Other Considerations – There are other considerations that you also have to think about when coming up with deck ideas like shade, lighting, cost and who to hire. You have a wide range of options when it comes to the shade. You can choose from large umbrellas to pavilions and gazebos. In terms of the lighting, you should choose fixtures based on the purpose of the deck. Additionally, you can search online if you are looking for the best deck lighting ideas. For the cost, you need to take into account the design, materials, additional features like seating designs, and labor. Be sure to contact a professional deck designer to discuss your deck ideas.