Transforming Your Home with a Patio Deck

What is a Patio Deck?

Integrating a patio deck into your humble abode is a multifunctional and visually appealing enhancement. Often constructed adjacent to the house, it extends the living space into the outdoors, providing a perfect spot for relaxation, dining, and entertainment. Building a deck and patio combination, whether large or small, can create a charming and comfortable space that blends seamlessly with the natural environment of your backyard.

The patio deck is a popular choice in Australia, especially for those wanting to maximise their outdoor living space. With the right design and materials, your decking and patio can become the highlight of your home.

The Benefits of a Patio Deck

Adds Value to Your Home

Not only does constructing a deck and patio in your backyard offer many benefits, but among them is the impressive increase in value it adds to your humble abode. It provides additional living space, and a well-designed and constructed deck can significantly increase your house’s appeal and resale value.

It provides a Versatile Outdoor Space.

Whether hosting a barbecue, enjoying a quiet morning coffee, or simply basking in the sun, a patio deck provides a flexible space for various activities. It’s a perfect setting for an outdoor dining set, offering a delightful al fresco dining experience. You can also add a pergola, comfortable seating, and plants to create a cosy and inviting vibe.

Enhances the Aesthetics of Your Home

Outdoor deck and patio ideas can significantly enhance the aesthetics of your house. From minimalist to rustic, sleek to modern deck styles, there’s a design that can match your home’s architecture and style. You can create a functional and visually appealing outdoor space with the proper lighting, railing, and even the choice of decking boards.

The Klevaklip Patio Deck Kit: An Excellent Choice for Your Decking Needs

When considering deck and patio construction, choosing suitable materials is crucial. One popular option is the Klevaklip patio deck kit. This kit includes all you need for building a deck, from the aluminium joist with a height of 35mm and nylon base clips to the materials for the deck’s structure.

The Klevaklip system is designed for easy installation. The clips work with the aluminium joist to secure your patio deck boards, ensuring a sturdy and durable deck. Crafted from durable aluminium, the hooks and posts of this product boast excellent rust and corrosion resistance, promising longevity and durability that stands the test of time.

Composite Decking: A Modern, Sustainable Choice

Another great material for your patio deck flooring is composite decking. This modern patio option is made from a combination of wood fibre and recycled plastic, offering the beauty of timber with the durability of synthetic materials.

The benefits of composite decking are numerous. First, it’s highly durable and resistant to rot, insect damage, and warping. Second, it requires less maintenance than traditional wood decks. Rest easy knowing that the hassle of staining, sanding, or painting is not a concern you need to bear. Lastly, composite decking is available in various colours and finishes, allowing you to match your patio & deck with your home’s exterior.

Outside Deck Ideas: Adding Features to Your Patio Deck

Incorporating additional features into your patio and deck can further enhance its functionality and aesthetics. Here are some ideas:

Glass Railing

A glass railing provides safety while allowing uninterrupted backyard views. It can give your deck a sleek, modern look.

Patio Cover

A patio cover, such as a pergola or roof, can provide shade and protection from the elements, making your patio deck usable all year round.

Outdoor Lighting

Adding lighting to your deck can create a warm, inviting atmosphere. It also enhances safety by illuminating the area after dark.

Plants and Pebbles

Adding greenery and pebbles can create a natural, rustic look. Plants can also provide privacy if your deck is visible from the neighbours.

Deck Seats

Built-in or standalone seats provide comfortable spots to relax and enjoy your outdoor space.

Bringing Life to Your Patio Deck with Furniture and Decor

The furniture and decor you choose can significantly influence the look and feel of your deck and patio. Selecting pieces that reflect your style and accommodate your needs will ensure your outdoor space is comfortable and chic.

Rattan Furniture

Known for its durability and versatility, rattan furniture is a popular choice for outdoor spaces. Indulge yourself in the ultimate relaxation with rattan furniture. The options are endless, whether it be a chic dining set, a cozy sofa or your very own cushioned lounge chair. This durable and timeless material creates an inviting atmosphere that will keep you and your guests at ease. Sit back, unwind, and let the tranquil ambience created by this natural element transport you to a state of pure bliss.

Outdoor Screens

Consider installing outdoor screens to add some privacy or break up the space. These come in various materials and designs, from timber to aluminium, and can effectively create different ‘zones’ within your deck.

Aluminium Walls

For a modern, sleek look, consider aluminium walls. These can provide a stunning contrast to the natural elements of your backyard, especially when paired with a black or white colour scheme.

Outdoor Rug

An outdoor rug can add a splash of colour to your deck and create a homely feel. Choose a mat that complements your furniture and overall colour scheme.

Deck and Patio Placement: Making the Most of Your Backyard

The placement of your deck and patio is crucial to how much you’ll enjoy it. Consider sunlight, views, and proximity to your house when deciding where to build your deck.

Adjacent to the House

This is the most common placement for a deck. This feature also crafts a smooth flow from the interior to the exterior surroundings by providing an effortless entrance to the abode.

At the Far End of the Backyard

Placing the deck at the far end can create a separate ‘destination’ within your outdoor space if you have a large backyard. It can be an ideal location if you want a peaceful retreat away from the house.

Multi-Level Decks

A multi-level deck can be a great solution if your backyard is sloping or uneven. Each level can serve a different purpose – a dining area on one level and a lounging site on another.


Whether renovating or building from scratch, a patio deck is a valuable addition to your home. From the practical Klevaklip patio deck kit to stylish composite decking and various design features, you can create a space that reflects your lifestyle and taste. Take the time to plan your deck patio designs, and you’ll soon have a beautiful outdoor space to enjoy for years to come.