Points To Consider For Your Pool Deck Ideas

You can never have a pool without a deck. Nothing can compare to the enjoyment that you get when you spend time with your loved ones around the pool lounging and chatting. The pool deck is the place surrounding your pool that has lounge chairs. More often than not, the deck is created out of concrete or tiles. However, other materials can also be used to build it like composite wood. For homeowners who are planning to have a pool with a great design installed, they need to consider not only the pool type and pool shape but also come up with good pool deck ideas.

Provided below are some points that you need to consider when choosing materials and designing a deck around pool. Aside from the design, there are other factors that you need to think about.

The Materials

The materials used to build a pool deck varies. You can search Pinterest for top and best items for inspiration in 2018 and for some tips on how to maintain your privacy when spending time outdoors while swimming or just lounging. Some favor the use of tiles, concrete, or stones for their swimming pool deck designs while others find vinyl, or composite wood for their pool deck and even their patio area in the garden. If you decide to use concrete, be sure to include some texture to lessen the risks of slipping. If you go for co-extrusion timber and plastic wood or composite decking, you will enjoy lots of advantages like easy installation and less maintenance requirements. There are also those who prefer to use tiles because it looks clean.

The Types Of Decking

Pool decks are also available in different types and your choice will usually depend on the kind of pool you have in your backyard. There are above ground pool decks ideas and below the ground pool decks. For above the ground pools, you need to install stairs so you will have a way to access the deck. You can have a deck design that features different levels or one that only features partial decking.

The Cost

You should also have a good idea as to how much you are willing to spend on your pool deck. Concrete is considered to be the cheaper option but you always have other choices like tiles and composite wood. Apart from the materials, your budget should also include labor costs and an emergency fund. If you are not sure, you can always hire an expert to help you calculate the cost. Knowing these figures will help you make sound decisions and determine if you can afford your pool deck ideas.

The Purpose

Before you start your deck installation, you need to know the purpose that your pool deck will serve. Do you plan to use it to entertain guests or maybe it will be a place where you can spend time with your family? You can have a smaller deck if you don’t intend to use the area for lounging. But if you do, then you have to consider building a bigger one.

The Size

How big do you want your pool to be? Do you have the space to accommodate your desired pool size? Be sure to check your yard. If you don’t have enough space for a big deck, you can always go small. A smaller deck can look better than a bigger deck if it has a good layout and stunning decorations. With the right design, you can make your small deck look more spacious while maintaining its functionality.

The Maintenance Requirements

Your pool deck requires cleaning and maintenance. You need to consider this factor when choosing deck materials. Traditional wood requires regular cleaning and upkeep because it is susceptible to rotting and mold. Stones and tiles also require routine maintenance. However, if you choose composite decking or plastic wood, you wouldn’t have to worry about its upkeep. Composite wood does not require regular maintenance, which means less inconvenience and more savings for you. It is also resistant to rotting and warping.

Safety Measures

Don’t forget about the safety aspect of your pool deck. It must be safe for everyone, kids and adults alike, that’s a basic policy. The flooring should not be slippery and consider the installation of a pool fence if you have kids.

Hopefully, these tips have provided you some useful information for your pool deck ideas. If you are thinking of using composite wood, contact Futurewood now.