PVC Composite Decking

Busting The Myths About PVC

We here countless myths and news about PVC all the time. For those who have been in the building industry for decades, builders and contractors know for a fact that when it comes to flexibility and diversity, nothing can compare to PVC composite decking, otherwise known as polyvinyl chloride.

A Brief History

PVC was discovered during the 1800’s. It was the German inventor Friedrich Heinrich August Klatt who rediscovered and patented the material in 1913. The material was then commercialized during the 1920’s with the help of BF Goodrich. During that time, PVC replaced the expensive rubber in several applications. PVC started to become a famous alternative for other materials during the World War II. It eventually gained traction in other applications like being used for water transportation through pipes and as a coating on the fabrics used for inflatables.

Myth 1

There is a common misconception that PVC is not vinyl. It actuality, these two materials are actually the same. A lot of people believe that PVC is just its rigid state. This is understandable because more than half of all the PVC created around the globe are used for pipe applications. Other uses include PVC composite decking, vinyl siding, and fencing. However, PVC can also be designed to offer flexibility. Flexible PVC or vinyl can be used for roofing purposes, pond liners, upholstery, and even shower curtains. There are only a few other types of plastics that can serve several purposes than PVC. This polymer is way better than other commodity resins because it can be engineered in such a way that it can be used for a range of purposes. PVC is the most widely used type of resin today and the other ones are polypropylene and polyethylene.

Myth 2

PVC composite decking are design and made to withstand constantly exposure to water and cold conditions. Because of its, it is not accurate to say that PVC products are brittle and prone to cracking when exposed to cold temperature.

Myth 3

Many people believe that PVC unlike composite deck is not recyclable, which is definitely not true. PVC decking composite is thermoplastic, which means it can be re-melted if it is no longer in use after several years. Following the melting process, the recycled PVC can be reprocessed and made into other materials that can serve a different purpose. It is not like other materials, like rubber, which is a thermoset, which can only be repurposed in their original form.

However, we don’t usually see PVC composite decking being recycled on a regular basis. Why? It’s because PVC is a durable product. It has a long service life compared to other plastics.

PVC is a polymer that is being used for several purposes including residential projects like outdoor deck installation. If you are considering this product as the primary material to build your deck, you are guaranteed to enjoy various benefits. The most common ones are listed below:

Waterproof Decks

Homeowners, including those who own a commercial site, are often concerned about waterproofing their decks. This issue is addressed by PVC composite decking, like the ones on offer by PVC decking manufacturers such as Futurewood. This material is designed to withstand constant exposure to water unlike regular wood. Your waterproof deck is guaranteed to be safe from cold and wet weather conditions.

Fire Resistant Decks

A composite PVC decking with a PVC deck railing system are fire resistant. The high levels of fire resistance depend on the pvc composite decking provider.

Durable and Walkable Decks

A new PVC composite deck, which provides you with additional outdoor living space, will help you keep cool during hot weather seasons. It can provide you with a nice cool feeling even if you walk on it barefoot. Furthermore, pvc decking boards are resistant to wear, peeling, and cracking. All these give you a deck that is long lasting and requires minimal cleaning and maintenance after you install it. A plastic or PVC board does not even need sealing or staining.

Having a deck installed in your garden is a significant investment. Apart from the price that you have to cover, the entire process from planning, buying the materials, installation, and maintenance is not easy. You need to make a lot of decisions regarding the number of post, fasteners, paint colors, best decking materials, lighting, accessories, and the hardware and tools needed. You even have to choose whether you will build the deck by yourself for pay the labor costs of a professional contractor. You also have to know whether your chosen product, natural wood or wood composite, needs to be treated using a special solution or if you have to stain it every year.

PVC composite decking boards are excellent choices for builders and homeowners who are looking for a durable, long lasting, low maintenance, and beautiful outdoor deck. If you have decided to shop for pvc composite decking, be sure to search for a company that offers various options, warranty for their products, top quality materials, impeccable customer services,

Please contact Futurewood if you wish to learn more about PVC composite decking. You can also visit their website and browse the many different products they offer. You will also get access to some great free resources and answers to common questions regarding PVC composite decking.