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PVC Deck and Railing Installation


Having a deck at home allows you to enjoy the nature for several years to come. However, since it is installed outdoors, in both commercial and residential properties, it must be able to withstand the wrath of Mother Nature. Although several outdoor enthusiasts love the rustic appeal of wood, an increasing number of consumers try to find alternative building materials like PVC. Why? It’s quite simple. Alternative decking materials are more durable, last longer, and requires less maintenance. PVC decking boards can withstand varying weather conditions and can stand the test of time.

Looks A Lot Like Real Wood

Wood is a classic deck material but, PVC or polyvinyl chloride wood decking has been making its name in the decking industry over the past years. Countless PVC decking manufacturers have successfully designed and replicated the appearance of real wood and this has impressed many people including some deck purists. You can get a deck that looks like it was made of wood but without the need to maintain and clean it regularly. It does not require extensive cleaning. A simple wash using a basic cleaning solution and water is enough.

Eco-Friendly, Safe and Durable

While Mother Nature can take its toll on decks made of natural wood, PVC wood decking is known for its strength and performance. The material can withstand varying weather conditions without having to worry about warping and fading. PVC decking boards and deck railing are also safe for pets and children since they are slip and splinter resistant. They are also eco friendly since there is no need to use harsh chemicals for routine maintenance, which can harm the environment. Most PVC decking manufacturers offer a warranty, which means any issues can easily be solved.

Choosing The Right Railing For Your Deck

Your deck’s most visible feature is its railings and that is why you need to choose wisely. Making the right choice is essential to having your deck look more superior and beautiful than you first imagined. Here are some tips to help you get started.

Check With Your Local Zoning Board – you need to do this first before you start anything with your deck and its railing system. You need to know if there are any regulations or codes that you need your project to follow. Check what is the required space for the balusters on the railing or if you need a permit in case you wish to build your deck higher than 24 inches above the ground. It is important to check all these if you don’t want to end up having to rebuild your deck entirely because you failed to comply with local laws.

Choose The Right Height – the height of your deck is one of the most important factors that will help determine the best deck railing system for you. PVC deck railing systems range between 36 and 42 inches. Anything less than that might be unsafe and may provide enough support while anything higher than that can restrict your view.

Choose The Best Deck Railing Type – when choosing the best decking rail, you need to make sure that you use the materials that have a pleasant appearance and is durable. Futurewood offers a wide array of options like the PVC deck railing that can help turn your deck into unique masterpiece. But you also have other options like wood, composite, and aluminum.

If you are in the midst of designing your deck and you are not sure whether to use a PVC decking railing or not, call Futurewood and let our team of experts help you decide. We will help you build your dream deck.

Please contact Futurewood now and learn more about PVC deck railing and other wood-alternative building products.