PVC Decking Boards Price

PVC Decking Guide: Price and Installation Cost

Unlike a composite deck, which is made of wood and recycled plastic, vinyl, or PVC decking boards are faux wood decking materials that feature wood grain textures. This type of decking material is available in different designs and colors. Just like composite boards, PVC decking products is a popular choice for residential owners who wish to have a deck that looks like is made of natural wood but without the problems related to cracking, warping, and splintering. This product can also be sued to improve the privacy and security within your property through the installation of a pool or garden fencing. PVC boards can be used for the posts and flooring.

In terms of the cost, the PVC decking boards price is much higher than pressure treated timber, redwood, and cedar. However, it is not as expensive as some tropical hardwood. Dont be discouraged with its higher upfront cost. You will eventually see PVC wood decking product as a wise choice due to its minimal maintenance requirements. There’s no need for you to restain or reseal the boards on a regular basis after its construction in a specific location in your garden.

What is PVC wood decking?

PVC or polyvinyl chloride is a common plastic material. Cellular PVC is the most common decking material because of its durability, stability, and resistance to warping and cracking. It is made of virgin plastic, which means it has not yet been recycled. Although it is not as green as composite decking, PVC is still considered as environmentally friendly because it is totally recyclable.

Manufacturing PVC wood decking involves pigmenting the ingredients for color, having it go through an extensive heating and co-extrusion process. The grain of the PVC may either be cut or pressed into the material. Top quality variations of PVC wood decking are referred to as capped PVC, which means its core is capped or coated with a durable PVC material to ensure that the surface is strong and hard.

You will find a PVC board in a range of styles and options. Some with a square-shouldered design that is installed just like the conventional wood planks. There are also those that come with a groove style, which is installed like a tongue and groove boards using hidden fasteners.

When you are choosing between cheap PVC decking and traditional wood decking, you consider how long you wish to live in your house. Keep in mind that the best and solid PVC decks draw the attention of more homebuyers since it will look much better compared to its wooden counterpart. Smart home buyers know for a fact that the ongoing costs of plastic decking is way lower than typical wood.

Advantages Of Using PVC Wood

–    Does not splinter, crack, or warp

–    Each deck board has high resistance to fading

–    No need to reseal or for staining

–    Does not attract insect and is not susceptible to mold or mildew growth

–    Can withstand moisture

–    Requires minimal maintenance; once a year is enough

–    Finishes are slip resistant

–    Does not easily burn; beneficial for those living in a fire-prone area or site

–    Lighter than wood, making it easier to install

–    Does not require pre-drilling of holes for screws

–    Brands like Futurewood offer a warranty

–    Easy and basic cleaning needed

–    Easy cleanup after accidental spills

–    Provide excellent finish

–    Lasts for many years

The pricing for plastic decking or PVC decking boards will be determined by several factors. These considerations include the quality of the PVC material used, the complexity of your PVC deck design and the features included in your outdoor deck like furniture. Who will build the deck will also affect the price of the project. Keep in mind that a professional builder will cost more than a DIY deck or one that was built by a handyman. Additionally, when you want your deck built will also affect the PVC decking boards price. Having it installed during peak season will cost more than having it built when contractors are less busy. Meanwhile, deck repairs are also cost more than building a new one since repairs are more labor intensive and time consuming.

If you want to learn more about the prices or costs of having a deck that’s made of PVC wood or decking composite installed or get more design ideas, please contact Futurewood now for more information and expert help.