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What Are The PVC Decking Pros And Cons


For decades, wood has long been the primary choice of homeowners when it comes to deck building projects. And that’s because of several good reasons. Natural wood is both easy to work with and cost effective. However, this material needs a lot of maintenance if you want to keep your deck in tip-top shape all the time. Because of this reason, several homeowners and builders are looking for alternative options like composite deck materials or PVC vinyl decking.

PVC vinyl decking is a famous option among homeowners for their exterior installation projects. It is a kind of raised floor that’s commonly attached to the main house. The floor is made from PVC or polyvinyl chloride, which is a special kind of resin that is commonly used to create various kinds of products. A deck that is well constructed offers homeowners with a beautiful outdoor living space that can be used for play and recreation for family and guests. However, the best deck material will determine how functional your deck will be. You should consider using PVC for your decking needs. Additionally, it will greatly help if you know the PVC decking pros and cons.

Flexibility In Design Choices

PVC can be used to build decks of varying colors, styles, shapes, and sizes. If you prefer a multi-level design, or perhaps a simple single platform deck, PVC lets you do any of these. Although PVC is not a relatively brand new material, they’ve become extremely popular over the past few years thanks to the positive changes made by manufacturers. For instance, you now have different patterns to pick from, a lot of which closely replicate the appearance of real wood.


When discussing PVC decking pros and cons, we should never forget about its price. PVC is among the most affordable decking products available on the market today. You don’t have to strain yourself financially once you decide to have a deck installed in your backyard.

Ease Of Installation

Decks can be installed quickly and easily provided that you are using PVC vinyl decking materials. Setting it up requires minimal effort and time. This product is lightweight, which contributes greatly to its ease of installation. The quick turnaround makes these products great alternatives to real wood.


A deck that is made of PVC is known for its longevity partly due to its high resistance to varying weather conditions. It is resistant to rots, pests, and even moisture. Compared to wooden decks, which are prone to decay and bug attacks, a PVC vinyl decking material gives you that much-needed peace of mind knowing that it won’t peel, splinter, or scratch very easily.

Low Maintenance

PVC is also favored by many homeowners for their residential deck installation project because of its low cleaning and maintenance requirements. Staining, painting, or applying special treatments for protection is not needed if the product you use for your deck is PVC. A PVC vinyl decking is very easy to clean. All you need is water and soap. Give it a quick wash and it is all good to go.

Environmentally Friendly

In terms of green consideration, PVC vinyl decking materials are 100% recyclable. Since this material is not made of wood, there is no need to cut down trees from overly exploited forests.


A well-built PVC deck can add value to your home and your lifestyle. These are one of the most common things you will see if you read PVC decking reviews. With this type of material, you will get to enjoy dimensional stability, which helps in the deck’s functionality. It also boosts the aesthetic appeal of your home’s exterior.

The Drawbacks

Since we are on the topic of PVC decking pros and cons, let us now discuss the drawbacks of using this kind of material. Among the most common PVC decking problems is UV damage. Even though PVC does not fade easily, it may still do so if it is constantly exposed to ultraviolet rays. It may also become brittle or susceptible to cracking. It might even be difficult to repair, which means homeowners may have to replace their entire deck if a part of it has been damaged extensively.

But you will less likely have to face these issues if do business with a reputable supplier like Futurewood. Please contact them if you need more information.