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Everything You Need To Know About PVC Wood Flooring


PVC is also known as vinyl or polyvinyl chloride. It is used to make different kinds of flooring products including the wide array of product lines that features a faux wood grain appearance. It is crafted from plasticized PVC formulated specifically for residential and commercial use. PVC wood flooring is impervious to water and it is also known for its durability and impeccable strength. In the past, this product lacked in aesthetic detail. However, with the emergence of manufacturers like Futurewood, PVC wood flooring is now available in different patterns, textures, and colors.

The popularity of PVC wood flooring has skyrocketed in recent years. It is a widely used material not only for areas like bathrooms and kitchens, which are moisture-prone, but also for common areas like bedrooms, halls, and outdoor decks. Although real wood is still a popular choice, PVC wood flooring or vinyl flooring aims to replicate the appearance of real wood but in a cheaper and more efficient DIY form.

PVC decking manufacturers have made great improvements to the quality, design, look, and feel of their PVC composite decking products. These enhancements have attracted the attention of many buyers who used to have avoided synthetic products in their homes. To put it simply, PVC composite decking now has the spotlight. But the question remains. Is it the perfect material for your home or your outdoor deck? You might want to check out PVC wood flooring reviews to help you decide.

Types Of PVC Wood Flooring

PVC wood flooring comes in three basic types. These include the roll flooring and tiles. These two options have been around for several decades and are considered to be more traditional choices. Roll flooring offers the best price and easy installation. However, its look and feel is considered to be least authentic. Tiles on the other hand are made in a variety of wood parquet patterns in an effort to replicate the appearance of parquet flooring. The third and newest type of wood PVC flooring is the plank style flooring. It is also referred to as luxury or deluxe vinyl, which replicates hardwood floors.

Choosing Your Floor

Just like all the other flooring products available in the market today, you need to consider certain factors. Apart from checking out PVC wood flooring reviews, you also need to go for one that matches your home décor, stays within your budget, and basic installation requirements. You also need to choose a grain and color that matches your space. Begin with the current woodwork. If it is stained and not painted then go for a flooring that will work well with the grain and color. You can also select a contrasting floor that is complementary to it. The next thing you need to do is determine the type of floor that best suits your budget, maintenance requirements, and installation abilities. These may be made of wood, composite wood, plastic, or laminate.

PVC Decking Prices

Rarely, if ever, will PVC decking prices reach the actual cost of traditional wood board prices. Homeowners love products that are affordable which is why they are attracted to PVC decking boards as opposed to organic, real, and natural wood product. PVC decking prices are comparable to the cost of porcelain or ceramic tile. With the latter, you need to factor in the price of additional materials like grout, thinset, as well as tools that were designed specifically for tiles. Since PVC wood decking does not require grout or mortar, all you need to have during its installation are regular shop tools.

PVC Installation

One of the primary advantages of PVC boards is that they are easy to install. Although you can hire a professional who can help put in your flooring, most homeowners prefer to go the DIY route. The learning curve is pretty low and there is no need to learn any special skill or purchase unique tools that are made specifically for the trade. Because of this, homeowners can begin the installation immediately.

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