Composite Decking
Hervey Bay

Whether you’re looking to spruce up your outdoor spot in Hervey Bay or feeling flabbergasted about which decking material would be the best fit, we’ve worn those shoes before and know how daunting it can handle.

The Benefits of Composite Decking

Wood plastic composite offers a range of benefits, including resistance to stains and fading, minimal maintenance requirements, eco-friendliness, unmatched durability, and cost-effectiveness compared to timber decking.

Resistant to Stains and Fading

Composite decking shines bright in the sun and rain. It stays strong against stains and fading. You can spill a drink or drop some food. Don’t worry! A quick wipe cleans it up. Over time, the colour stays fresh, too.

Minimal Maintenance

Brisbane decking boards need less care than timber decks. You don’t have to stain or paint it. No need to worry about rot, warp, or termite damage, too! A light sweep and an occasional wash using soapy water keep the deck looking good.

Picture of composite decking boards with white railings in Hervey Bay

Eco-Friendly Solution

We care about our planet. Composite timber decking  lets us do that. It uses recycled materials instead of fresh wood. Fewer trees get cut down this way. All our leftover bits go into new decks, not the bin.

We also use less water and energy in making them. You get a great deck and help the earth at the same time! It’s a win-win for you and nature.

Unmatched Durability and Longevity

Composite decks last longer than timber ones. They don’t rot or wear down like wood. You can walk on composite decking for years, and it won’t change much. And if you live in a city like Hervey Bay, with hot summers and stormy winters, this matters a lot! Composite decking stays strong in all kinds of weather.

Our Composite Decking Products

We offer a wide range of composite decking products, including decking add-ons, cutting-edge co-extrusion decking, and various colours and styles to suit any taste.

Decking Add Ons

In Hervey Bay, our deck installation options provide a comprehensive array of clips, spanning from essential starters and finishers to reliable deck clips, each fitted with secure blackened screws. Engineered to safeguard your investment, it ensures enduring beauty for your new deck over the years. Available in both 1-litre and 4-litre bottles, this solution promises effortless deck maintenance in Hervey Bay.

Picture of wicker chairs on a composite deck boards, overlooking a pool in Hervey Bay

Cutting-Edge Co-extrusion Decking

We bring you cutting-edge co-extrusion decking. This kind of decking is top-notch and lasts a long time. This deck does not fade or stain even in the intense sun that Hervey Bay often gets.

It’s built tough! You won’t face any trouble cleaning it either. Just use warm soapy water and a brush to keep it looking new. Like all our timber decking alternatives, this one is also eco-friendly.

A Variety of Decking Colours and Styles

At Futurewood, our composite decking range caters to diverse preferences, whether you’re drawn to the timeless allure of natural timber or seeking a more contemporary design. Choose from single or co-extrusion varieties in our composite timber collection, offering a palette of up to 13 standard colours alongside bespoke choices. Utilise our Colour Explorer tool to envision the exact appearance of your chosen finish.

Bush Fire Attack Level (BAL) 29 Rated

Our composite decking is rated for Bush Fire Attack Level (BAL) 29, making it a safe and reliable choice for outdoor spaces in Hervey Bay. Our BAL 29 decking has been tested and proven to withstand the harsh conditions of bushfires, providing peace of mind during fire season.

With its unmatched durability and longevity, our BAL 29 composite decking boards are designed to keep your outdoor area looking beautiful while prioritising safety.

Why Futurewood is the Right Choice

Regarding composite decking, Futurewood is the right choice for its premium quality, eco-friendly practices, and commitment to customer satisfaction. Read on to discover why we are the trusted experts in Hervey Bay and beyond.

Image of composite deck boards, railing, and fence in Hervey Bay

An Australian-Owned Company

We are proud to be an Australian-owned company dedicated to providing the highest quality composite decking solutions in Hervey Bay. As a local business, we understand the unique needs of our customers and strive to exceed their expectations.

With our expertise and dedication to customer satisfaction, you can trust us to deliver exceptional products for your outdoor space.

Premium Quality and Dependability

At Futurewood, we pride ourselves on providing premium quality and dependable composite decking solutions in Hervey Bay. As an Australian-owned company, we understand the unique needs of our customers in this area.

Our composite decking products are designed to withstand stains and fading, requiring minimal maintenance compared to traditional timber decks.

Use Our Decking Calculator Tool

Are you planning your composite decking project in Hervey Bay? Look no further than our user-friendly Decking Calculator tool! We understand that estimating the materials and decking costs for your deck can be daunting, but with our instant estimate tool, the process becomes seamless.

Committed to Eco-Friendly Practices

At Futurewood, we are committed to eco-friendly practices. We understand the importance of protecting our environment and strive to offer sustainable decking solutions in Hervey Bay.

With Futurewood, you can enjoy beautiful and durable outdoor spaces while minimising your impact on the planet.

Image of a composite deck boards featuring a white railing in Hervey Bay

More About Hervey Bay – QLD 4655

Nestled along Queensland’s Fraser Coast, Hervey Bay is a coastal haven celebrated for its pristine beaches, calm waters, and abundant marine life. Serving as the entry point to the World Heritage-listed Fraser Island, this town is renowned for unparalleled whale-watching experiences, where majestic humpback whales grace the waters during migration season.

Map of Hervey Bay QLD

Hervey Bay Statistics

Coordinates: 25.29°S 152.84°E

Population: 54,674 (2018)

(27th) 52,073 (2016 census)

Postcode: 4655

Area: 93.2 km2 (36.0 sq mi) (2011 urban)

Time zone: AEST (UTC+10:00)

Location: 29.6 km (18 mi) NNE of Maryborough

LGA: Fraser Coast Region

Region: Wide Bay-Burnett

State Electorate: Hervey Bay

Federal Division: Hinkler

Mean max temp: 26.2 °C

Mean min temp: 16.6 °C

Annual rainfall: 1,061.6 mm

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