The Perks Of Building A Composite Deck

An innovative material suited for different building designs, composite wood offers the best of both worlds. At the same time, you get the beauty and resilience of natural wood without compromises. In terms of benefits, the initial cost of composite wood will be recouped after a couple of years unlike natural wood. When it comes to cost, you will easily notice that composites are more expensive than their natural counterparts. However, the costs will be compensated by the benefits offered by this type of material. Here are some that would probably lead you to choosing composites for your rectangular deck designs.

Composites offer superior durability over others

High-performance wood alternatives like plastic wood, co-extrusion timber, and composite wood are great for your home. They are also perfect for all your Asian deck designs and elevated deck design ideas. Because of what’s inside them and how they are manufactured, composited are more robust than most hardwoods you can find. They don’t rot, warp, splinter, and crack. Older composite variants might have has a problem with fading a couple of years back. However, to composites nowadays are specially formulated to resist fading and are exceptionally durable. They also don’t burn easily due to the high density of the materials. Some types of composite decking also come wrapped in a protective layer that’s specially design to resist damage.

Care-free maintenance

Wooden decks require a lot of attention. When all the right conditions are not met, you might end up replacing your deck a few years after installation. That’s because wood needs to be preserved by means of staining and regular cleanups. This helps the wood maintain its structural integrity. Unlike wood, composite materials need little maintenance after installation. The occasional wash down is all it takes to get rid of the visible dirt. There’s also no need to worry about mould growth beneath the deck.

Highly sustainable

As far as sustainability goes, a typical composite deck is almost entirely made out of recycled materials. You might think that it is made from virgin wood or plastic, but it’s not. Some portions of the wood fibers and plastics might be new, but the rest of it is either recycled plastic or fibers from reclaimed wood. If you happen to be conscious about how things are produced, you’d be happy to know that you’re buying eco-friendly materials if you go for composites.

Super long warranty period

In 2018, there are lots of companies supplying composites often slap on a decade and a half of warranty on their products. Why so long? Due to the fact that composites can last a long time with little to no degradation, companies can afford to smack on a label that says they cover damages due to faulty materials. Read their policy about this to know more. If you plan to build a deck that’s complete with amazing features and one that will last till your grand kids are all grown up, you should go composite. It’s expensive at first but the benefits far outweigh the initial cost. Not to mention the gorgeous deck that you’ll get.

Increased home value

There are several factors that can increase or decrease the value of your home. This includes the privacy, lighting, view, and quality of your deck as well. If you plan on preserving the value of your home (in case you want to sell it in the future), you should go right ahead and build your deck with composite materials. After 25 years, the board will most likely look pretty much the same as the day you had them installed. A good choice early on will help you prevent depreciation. Unlike wood, composites last nearly half a lifetime of the average person. Contact Futurewood if you wish to know more.