Great Deck Ideas For Your Split Level House

Adding an outdoor deck with a great design to a split-level house is a bit complicated but not impossible. Split level house deck ideas have their own unique challenges and of the most common contributing factor is their unusual interior elevations. You have the option to build a deck that can only be accessed from one level or create decks with multiple levels. The latter is expected to be more expensive than the former because of several reasons.

Setting Expectations

You will be needing more framing. Every elevation of the multi level deck will need beams for support. Because of the this, the cost to frame the deck will be twice as much as the amount you have to pay for framing a deck that is designed for a single level home that has the same width. You also have to use thicker posts to provide support for the upper-level deck. You need posts that are bigger than the regular 4×4 posts, which you will use to support the deck’s lower level. Another challenge that you may have to face is that you might not be able to utilize pre-cut stair stringers if you have a split level home. You cannot use this to connect varying heights of the deck. What you need to do is to hire a contractor who can cut stringers or perhaps add landing areas, which also need their own posts or beams- to separate the vertical space in such a way that you’ll be able to use the prefab stringers. All of these translates to more costs.

Turn Split Level House Deck Ideas Into Reality

Ingenuity and hard work are both required if you want to create a deck that will look great and works well with your family. If you need inspiration, search Pinterest for great ideas. This may mean spending several weeks in the yard to make your 2 level deck ideas and decking solar lights ideas come true. Always remember that you have the option to hire a professional to help you with this project if you don’t have the time or the skills for this type of home improvement job.

Know Your Limits – Once you install a deck in your backyard, it will become a permanent addition to your property’s living space. It’s just like having a bathroom remodel or a finished basement. Almost all kinds of home improvement projects must adhere to the local building as well zoning codes. Another limiting factor you need to know is related to its upkeep. Composite wood is a good option because it requires minimal maintenance, which makes them a cheaper alternative for real wood in the long run.

Make A Budget and Stick To It – Create a list that contains your must-haves and wants for your deck that will be made of plastic wood. Be sure to include the amount that you are willing to spend for each item on the list. The next you need to do is consider the value and the size of your home. You should also take into account how long you plan to stay there. If you have a big property, installing a small deck may look funny. Moreover, a small house with an oversized deck may not make that much sense either. If you are unsure, don’t hesitate to hire a professional builder who can assist you in making your deck extension ideas come true.

Strike A Balance Between Cost and Benefits – When you are planning your split-level house deck ideas, your primary goals should include more living space and increased comfort. In case you need to refinance or you decide to sell it in the future, a great side effect of having a deck is improved home value and better marketability. Any addition that creates more outdoor space, where people can hang out, relax, and even cook and dine, can significantly help in swaying the market. If you need help, don’t hesitate to contact an expert who can help you.