Spotted Gum Decking – Adds a Touch of Elegance

Considered one of Australia’s most popular hardwood timber decking today, spotted gum decking can add a classic touch of elegance and warmth to any outdoor decking or living space.

Known for having all the attributes of a high-end decking board, spotted gum decking delivers tremendous strength and durability – Class 1 above-ground and Class 2 in-ground contact.

But it also offers a host of unique and diverse attributes not typically found in many of the more traditional expensive hardwood decking boards.

What is spotted gum timber?

A native of the east coast and harvested in New South Wales and Queensland, the Australian spotted gum tree has a pale appearance with its pink to grey-blue bark. In contrast, this hardwood timber has a particularly eminent mottled colour resulting from the weathering of the outer tree as it sheds elliptical strips of bark, which is how it gets its spotted effect and why it is such a popular decking option.

What makes spotted gum decking so different?

Unlike many of the more traditional decking hardwoods, spotted gum decking timber offers a natural beauty, a striking consistency, and a stunning colour palette ranging from warm pale grey browns to soft creams to rich deep brown chocolate and dark red/browns. Combined with the frequent wavy grain often found in spotted gum timber, this creates a captivating and beautiful fiddle back feature. Over time the decking will fade to an attractive natural spotted gum decking grey.

Can you use spotted gum for all types of decking?

Thanks to its durability and superior wood properties that include hardness, high density, and strength, plus the fact that it shrinks and moves less than many other decking options, spotted gum is, in fact, the perfect choice for all types of residential and commercial decking.

Is spotted gum timber decking expensive?

As timber, spotted gum hardwood decking boards can stand up to the harshest Australian elements and easily endures the rigours of daily use over a long period. As a result of this high level of durability, spotted gum decking prices are often slightly higher than prices of other timber decking options.

When it comes to the time to buy spotted gum decking, there are several spotted gum decking sizes to choose from, and currently, the spotted gum decking central coast attracts these average costs;

Spotted gum decking cost per square metre is around $105.00.

Spotted gum decking 86×19 is approximately $10.95 per linear metre.

Spotted gum decking 140mm price is around $22.95 per linear metre.

But while the initial spotted gum decking price for a quality spotted gum deck tends to be a little higher than other options, you can rest easy knowing that this hardwood timber will last when treated and maintained correctly.

So while investing in a spotted gum timber deck will keep you happy. Only when you consider the annual maintenance costs that apply to nearly all hardwoods will the relative value for spotted gum shift and other decking materials become more favourable options.

What are the advantages of using spotted gum decking?

There are many benefits to using QLD spotted gum decking for any outdoor decking project. These include:

  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Resistance to the harshest weather, termites, stains, bushfires and constant wear and tear
  • Workability – the 140mm spotted gum decking timber machines well and is easy to handle
  • Highly Sustainable
  • A stunning natural warm look

What are the disadvantages of using spotted gum decking boards?

Whilst there are many advantages to using a great nationwide timber, such as spotted gum decking boards for flooring, there are several things you need to consider before going ahead and using it for your deck.

Firstly, unseasoned, spotted gum timber can be vulnerable to corrosion damage and cupping because of its ability to retain water. When checking out any spotted gum decking for sale, choosing a correctly seasoned and treated timber would be helpful.

Furthermore, due to its high oil content, it can resist some types of adhesives, so always study the manufacturer’s instructions before purchasing any adhesive products.

Finally, you should remember that, like any other forms of natural timber, spotted gum decking boards must be regularly maintained, including sealing and oiling annually, to help keep their attractiveness.

The Last Word

While spotted gum decking timber certainly offers many unique qualities, it’s not as we mentioned without its drawbacks, least of all its high level of maintenance, and that’s where easy-care composite decking could be a better option.

Considered by many to be an excellent alternative to natural wood, composite decking is both highly durable and long-lasting, and unlike spotted gum decking, eco-friendly composite decking requires minimal maintenance. It typically doesn’t require painting, staining, oiling or varnishing and won’t suffer from cupping.

With composite decking, not only are you helping to protect the environment we live in by reducing the number of slowing-growing native forests being destroyed you’re also finding a use for recycled plastic.

In short, with composite decking, you can enjoy all the attributes of a natural timber deck without sacrificing colour, consistency or the environment.