Stress-free Decking

When we think of decks, we think of relaxing days and nights enjoying the outdoors from the privacy of our homes.

Many of us, however, don’t consider the cost, stress and labour involved in the installation and maintenance of traditional timber decking.

CleverDeck is a different product altogether, developed with ease and convenience in mind. The benefits over timber are clear from the minute you walk out the store till many years later.

Timber is cut in standard but random lengths and comes unfinished. This means treating each length before installation, which is a costly and time-consuming process.

CleverDeck is fully finished and coloured before it reaches you, meaning it can be installed immediately without the need for additional chemicals, oils or paint.

Building a timber deck will usually require professional assistance and visible nails and screws are an unavoidable consequence of the installation process.

CleverDeck is easier to install and our Futurewood Deck Clips are custom made to allow this. The clips are concealed and can be used with either timber or metal joists. You don’t require nails and the screws are hidden.

No two lengths of timber are the same. Weaknesses such as knot holes, splits and warps are common and can compromise the quality of your deck and cause problems further down the track. Replacing damaged timber is problematic, as finding the same wood, the same paint and other treatment products can be difficult. Even if this is possible, the weathered original deck will appear different to the newer sections.

In addition to being a recycled composite material, CleverDeck is inherently more consistent. It doesn’t have imperfections such as knot holes or splinters and won’t cup, twist, warp or split. This means you’ll never have to replace individual parts for the entire lifespan of your deck and can keep that even and natural appearance.

Unfortunately, the work isn’t finished after building a traditional deck. Regular oiling, staining or painting is needed to maintain appearance and protect the timber.

CleverDeck is built to last. Once installed, there is very little maintenance required. It comes fully finished and remains that way, so the treatments associated with timber are not necessary. We also use an antifungal solution during the manufacturing process that protects your deck from mould, mildew and bacteria.

As if all these benefits over timber weren’t enough, every CleverDeck is backed by Futurewood’s “No Fuss – Unmatched Warranty”. Our timber alternative takes the hassle out decking. Clever isn’t it?

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