Composite Decking

Composite decking combines recycled polyolefin, rice husks, and reclaimed hardwood timber. It comes into being through a process called extrusion or moulding. The result is a substantial deck that does not need much work to keep it in good shape. Futurewood has also developed Bush Fire Attack Level (BAL) 29-rated and composite decking. Bal 29 composite decking has been created to help those areas prone to bushfires.

Both types of decking and various fixing accessories are available here in Burnie from Futurewood.

Advantages of Composite Decking

Composite decking offers unmatched durability and longevity, making it a long-term investment that will withstand the test of time. It also provides eco-friendly solutions.

In addition, composite decking is resilient against fading and stains and requires minimal maintenance.

Unmatched Durability and Longevity

Composite decking offers both durability and longevity. It is strong and fights wear and tear well. This decking doesn’t scratch easily and can bear up under harsh weather. Composite decks stand the test of time better than wood ones do.

Eco-Friendly Decking Solutions

Composite wood decking gives a green way to build your deck. It uses wood fibres and recycled plastic, not just trees. This mix makes use of waste wood and recycled plastic. So, composite timber decking helps cut down on waste in our world.

Think about choosing composite decking for its eco-friendly ways.

Picture of a composite deck boards with grey steps and a patio in Burnie

Actual Cost of Timber vs. Composite Decking

Choosing between timber and composite decking in Burnie, Tasmania involves understanding the costs. Timber decks may have a lower initial cost, but ongoing maintenance, including cleaning, sanding, and staining, can add up over time. They are also prone to warping, splitting, and rot, leading to potential replacement expenses. In contrast, composite decking has a 10-year warranty, requires minimal maintenance, and is eco-friendly. It resists scratches and stains, ensuring long-term savings and durability for homeowners in Burnie.

Resilient Against Fading and Stains

Composite decking in Burnie can keep its good looks for a long time. It does not fade or stain like timber decking. The deck boards are made from wood fibres and recycled plastic.

Even under the harsh sun, their colour stays strong. A spilled drink or dirt won’t leave marks either. All you need is a quick clean to make it look new again!

Minimal Maintenance Requirements

Taking care of composite decking is straightforward. It does not need a lot of work. There is no need to paint, stain or seal it yearly like timber decking. A simple wash with soapy water keeps it clean for a long time. This makes your outdoor space look good all the time with less effort.

Our Composite Decking Product Range

We offer various composite decking products in multiple colours and styles, including BAL29 decking for bushfire-prone areas.

Photo of deck featuring composite decking boards and pool access via steps in Burnie

A Spectrum of Decking Colours and Styles

Futurewood offers composite timber products in single and co-extrusion varieties, with up to 13 standard colours and custom choices. Create a personalised deck that complements your home with Futurewood’s versatile composite decking.

Bush Fire Attack Level (BAL) 29 Rated

Composite decking in Burnie is made for harsh conditions. It has a high fire rating called Bush Fire Attack Level (BAL) 29. This means it can handle bushfire heat better than regular timber decks. This decking is perfect for homes in risky areas or those wanting extra peace of mind.

Decking Add Ons

In Burnie, we offer a complete range of deck solutions, from starters to finishers and regular clips with secure screws. Our versatile locking clips work on metal and offer a Composite Timber Cleaner.

Cutting-Edge Co-extrusion Decking

Our composite decking in Burnie features cutting-edge co-extrusion technology, making it a top choice for outdoor flooring solutions. This innovative process combines layers of wood fibres and recycled plastic materials to create a highly durable and long-lasting decking option.

With co-extrusion decking, you can enjoy the benefits of enhanced strength, resistance to fading and stains, and a beautiful finish that replicates the look of natural timber.

Image of black composite deck boards with steps in Burnie

Why Choose Futurewood

Choose Futurewood for premium quality and reliable composite decking. We are an Australian-owned company committed to sustainability. Simplify your project with our instant estimate decking calculator.

Premium Quality and Reliability

Futurewood composite decking in Burnie is known for its premium quality and reliability. As a company, we understand homeowners want a durable and long-lasting deck. With our composite decking, you can have peace of mind knowing that it comes with a 10-year warranty on residential deck boards.

Commitment to Sustainability

At Futurewood, we are committed to sustainability. Our composite decking is an eco-friendly choice for your outdoor space. It is made from recycled polyolefin, rice husks, and reclaimed hardwood timber, reducing the need for harvesting new timber.

Additionally, our decking is designed to withstand Australia’s harsh climate, minimising the need for replacement and reducing waste.

By choosing Futurewood, you can enjoy a beautiful deck while making an environmentally responsible choice.

Australian-Owned Company

Futurewood is a proudly Australian-owned company that specialises in composite decking. We are committed to providing premium quality and reliable products for our customers in Burnie and Tasmania.

Hobart composite decking boards are made with the highest standards of craftsmanship, ensuring durability and longevity for your outdoor spaces. What sets us apart is our dedication to sustainability.

Using recycled materials in our composite timber decking offers an eco-friendly alternative to traditional timber options. With Futurewood, you can simplify your deck project with our handy decking calculator, which instantly estimates the materials needed.

Image of modern patio in Burnie with comfortable furniture on composite decking boards

Simplify Your Project with Our Decking Calculator

Planning your composite decking project in Burnie became more accessible with our decking calculator. Our user-friendly tool lets you quickly and accurately estimate the materials needed for your deck, saving you time and effort.

Input the dimensions of your outdoor space, and our calculator will provide an instant estimate of the decking boards required. This handy tool takes the guesswork out of your project, ensuring you purchase precisely what you need without waste or unnecessary costs.

With our decking calculator, planning your dream outdoor space has never been simpler!

Exciting Facts About Burnie – TAS 7320

Burnie, located on Tasmania’s northwest coast, is a dynamic coastal city that harmoniously blends natural beauty with urban vitality. This vibrant city boasts stunning beaches, including the famous West Beach, and a picturesque waterfront providing ample outdoor recreation and relaxation opportunities. Art galleries, theatres, and a thriving arts community enrich the local cultural scene.

Map of Burnie TAS

Burnie Statistics

Coordinates: 41°03′49″S 145°52′31″E

Population: 19,918 (2021)

Postcode: 7320

Elevation: 19 m (62 ft)

Time zone: AEST (UTC+10)

• Summer (DST) AEDT (UTC+11)


47 km (29 mi) from Devonport

134 km (83 mi) from Launceston

154 km (96 mi) from Queenstown

296 km (184 mi) from Hobart

LGA: City of Burnie

State Electorate: Braddon

Federal Division: Braddon

Mean max temp: 16.9 °C 62 °F

Mean min temp: 9.3 °C 49 °F

Annual rainfall: 960.8 mm 37.8 in

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If you’re interested in composite decking in Burnie, Tasmania, contact Futurewood. We are a leading supplier of high-quality and sustainable composite decking products. With our range of decking boards made from wood and plastic materials, we offer unmatched durability and longevity that can withstand Australia’s harsh climate.

Our composite decking is also resistant to fading, stains, and decay, making it a low-maintenance option than traditional timber decking. Furthermore, we provide a variety of colours and styles to suit your design preferences.

As an Australian-owned company committed to sustainability, Futurewood offers premium quality products backed by a 10-year warranty on residential deck boards. Simplify your project with our user-friendly decking calculator tool for instant estimates.

Contact us today to learn more about our composite decking solutions!