Thinking about restoring your old deck? Be Clever….Deck

Yes, Winter has just arrived and you probably won’t be spending much time outdoors on your deck, unless you are living in the tropics, but it is a good time to consider what you need to do to restore your deck for the warmer months.

Perhaps the best thing to do is replace it.

Every year it is a chore to restore your outdoor timber deck after the cold and wet of Winter, the sanding, oiling or painting, replacing warped and worn sections.  But it must be done, if you are going to enjoy being outdoors, just think of the splinters if you don’t take care of the timber.

There is an alternative to all the hard work.  CleverDeck.  This decking comes already painted in one of five colours – chocolate, mahogany, Weatherstone, slate grey and walnut, custom colours can be ordered however minimum order quantities apply.

CleverDeck composite decking is made from recycled industrial waste and some post-consumer plastic waste, wood flour (sawdust) and discarded rice husks so it is environmentally friendly and you would be playing your part in saving old growth timber forests and rainforests.

The benefits of this decking include –

  • Very low maintenance
  • No painting required for the life of the product
  • Resistant to termites/white ants
  • No knot holes or splinters
  • No cupping or warping
  • No splitting or twisting
  • Easy installation
  • Slip resistant
  • No sap runs or tannin leaching
  • Won’t rot
  • Low water absorption

As you can see with these benefits the annual saga of restoration goes away.  No painting ever and no sanding and due to the low water absorption and therefore no warping or splitting, there is no expensive replacement of boards.

No splinters is a big plus for those who have small children and for those of us who kick the shoes off as soon as the weather turns warm.

Of course, CleverDeck does need some maintenance, so get out the broom and sweep it regularly and then a mop to give it a wash, just as you would with any other flooring.  How often you clean the surface will depend on the amount of leaves or dirt which ends up on your deck from nearby vegetation as well as general dirt and grime which builds up from regular foot traffic.

Opt for replacement.  Too easy!