Timber Decking Ideas: Why Use Composite Wood?

People are in a rush to get their garden and outdoor space ready for summer. Although, timber decking has always been the go-to material, composite wood has become a great and affordable alternative for a lot of homeowners and builders. Provided below are some of the key reasons why you should consider composite wood when coming up with timber decking ideas.

Low Cost Option And Easy To Install

You will find that the cost of composite decking may vary. If you compare it to the timber decking alternative of similar service life and quality, it is quite cheaper. If you use composite timber or co-extrusion timber, you will get to reduce the time you spend building your deck, thus lowering your labor costs.

Low Maintenance and Visually Appealing

Composite decking is also a famous project because it requires little to almost no upkeep. Unlike timber, composite wood is easy to clean and is not prone to warping or rotting. Most of the time, it comes with anti-slip properties and can last for decades. Composite timber also looks like real wood. Many of them comes with authentic grain patterns and offers a beautiful textured appearance and feel.

Modern Timber Decking Ideas

The addition of a deck can make any garden a true extension of a home and improve your outdoor living. It can serve several purposes like an outdoor kitchen or living room. Composite timber offers your deck a modern appeal that complements a wide array of interior designs. It is durable and can last for decades as your garden’s focal point.

If you want to build a deck, you don’t have to confine yourself to grooved composite timber. Please find an inspiration. You can add flair to your deck and maintain its fresh appeal by using stains and colored composite timber. You can also install the decking boards using different methods. You can make a beautiful and practice deck by using diagonals, geometric shapes, and herringbone patterns.

You should also consider combining composite timber with other materials. You can make a stylish deck and garden by incorporating the use of rendered walls, brick, and stone when coming up with your outdoor deck ideas. If you are looking for items that will complement your deck, you might want to consider the addition of stainless steel, fabrics, and glass. These materials can be used if you want to incorporate elements like worktops.

You should also come up with deck lighting ideas so you can make the most of your deck even after dark. Even though you still have the option to use the conventional incandescent lights, LED lighting system is comprehensively in the mainstream these days. For decks, there are LED lights that are low energy and waterproof. They offer flexibility in terms of the positioning, brightness, and colour, which lets you create the best ambience to suit how you plan to use your deck in the evening.

Why Install A Deck

Having a deck means you will have a place where you can entertain your guests while still having some privacy in your outdoor area. It is the perfect place where you can host a weekend barbecue with friends, neighborhood gathering, or a simple family dinner. During a nice weather, you can enjoy the sunshine outdoors. Apart from that, a deck is a feature that potential home buyers love to have. A deck can boost your home’s desirability and value, which will be beneficial for you once you decide to sell your property. When it comes to decking, there are many different options for you to choose from. Creating the look that you want your deck to have is possible. You can design it to complement the existing style of your home and you can even decorate it according to season. Contact a building expert if you need help designing or installing your deck.