Composite Decking

Composite decking is a smart choice in Leongatha. This type of decking uses recycled plastic and wood, making it last longer than traditional timber. With composite decking, you get the look of real timber.

It can withstand all weather conditions, making it perfect for Australia’s harsh climate.

In Leongatha near Cobram, Victoria, composite decking has become popular due to its durability and long life span. The man-made mix of wood and plastic materials promises 20 years of use without fading or staining.

Even mould growth, a common issue with any deck material, isn’t much trouble for these strong boards!

The Advantages of Composite Decking

Composite decking offers several advantages over traditional timber decking. It requires minimal maintenance, is resistant to fading and stains, boasts unrivalled durability and longevity, and is an eco-friendly alternative to timber.

Minimal Maintenance Requirements

Composite decking is easy to keep up. You don’t need to paint, stain or seal it. A simple sweep and wash now and then will keep the deck clean. It stands strong in all weather types.

Mould, algae, and mildew can grow on any deck type but are easy to remove from composite decks. This makes life easier!

Resistant to Fading and Stains

Composite decking fights off fading and stains well. It stays new-looking for years. Bright sun or heavy rain can’t hurt it much. Red wine, oil, and other spills won’t stain your deck quickly, too.

Composite decking is great for outdoor parties. You don’t have to worry about your deck getting dirty or changing colour. Just hose it down with water when you want to clean it up! Composite decking makes outdoor living easy.

An expansive deck featuring composite decking boards and a generous outdoor living space in Leongatha

Unrivalled Durability and Longevity

Composite decking lasts a long time. It doesn’t break down easily. Even in tough weather, it stays strong. You can use your deck for 20 years with no big problems. Rain or shine, hot or cold, it keeps its good look and safe feel.

This makes composite decking perfect for places like Leongatha with all kinds of weather.

An Eco-Friendly Decking Solution

Composite decking is kind to our earth. It uses less wood and more recycled stuff. This helps us save trees. Old plastic bags and milk jugs turn into a strong deck! Also, you don’t have to paint or add harmful chemicals.

The colour stays nice for years with no extra work.

Real Cost of Timber vs Composite Decking

Composite timber decking in Leongatha, made from recycled polyolefin, rice husks, and reclaimed hardwood timber, offers an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional timber decking. Despite its higher initial cost, it provides substantial long-term savings due to its extended lifespan and minimal maintenance requirements. Furthermore, its resistance to Australia’s challenging climate conditions guarantees a durable and resilient deck.

Our Range of Composite Decking Products

We offer innovative co-extrusion decking, BAL 29-rated decking for bushfire-prone areas, a variety of decking accessories, and a wide selection of hues and designs to choose from.

Picture of composite decking boards on a deck with steps leading to a pool in Leongatha

Innovative Co-extrusion Decking

Co-extrusion decking is new and clever. It uses recycled materials. These come from recycled polyolefin, rice husks, and reclaimed hardwood timber. This makes the deck very strong. It can face all types of weather without damage.

Our co-extrusion decking lasts long, even in harsh climates like Australia’s. It stays nice for 20 years or more! Don’t worry about mould, algae, or mildew with this type of deck. Enjoy your outdoor space without much work on the upkeep!

Bush Fire Attack Level (BAL) 29 Rated Decking

BAL 29-rated decking is safe for fire-prone areas. It can stand up to big heat. Our composite deck boards have this rating. They are strong and don’t burn easily.

Fire safety is key in places like Leongatha. This area often faces bushfires. But BAL 29 decking keeps your home safer during a fire.

Our Decking Accessories

In Lara, we offer a variety of deck installation solutions, including starter and finisher clips, standard deck clips with secure blackened screws, and convenient locking clips. Our Composite Timber Cleaner protects your investment for deck maintenance, ensuring your deck looks great for years. Available in 1-litre and 4-litre bottles.

Selection of Decking Hues and Designs

At Futurewood, we provide a range of composite decking options in various shades to cater to your preferences, be it the classic natural timber appearance or a contemporary, sleek style. Our composite timber products come in single and co-extrusion variants, offering a selection of up to 13 standard hues and bespoke choices for colour and finish.

Image of a deck made of composite decking boards near the garden in Leongatha

Why Futurewood is the Ideal Choice

Futurewood is ideal for your composite decking needs because of our premium quality and reliability. We are committed to environmental responsibility as a locally-owned Australian business.

Simplify your project with our decking cost calculator Australia. Connect with Futurewood today to learn more about our products and why we should be your go-to choice for composite decking in Leongatha.

Premium Quality and Reliability

Our composite decking at Futurewood is known for its premium quality and reliability. We take pride in offering a durable, long-lasting product that can withstand Australia’s harsh climate.

With a guaranteed lifespan of 20 years, our decking provides peace of mind that it will stand the test of time. Made from a combination of recycled plastic and reclaimed timber, our composite decking offers the appearance of real timber with none of the maintenance requirements.

You can trust our product to provide a reliable outdoor space for you to enjoy for many years to come.

Commitment to Environmental Responsibility

Futurewood takes its commitment to environmental responsibility seriously. Our composite decking is made from recycled plastic and reclaimed timber, reducing waste and giving new life to materials that would otherwise end up in landfills.

By choosing our composite timber decking, you make an eco-friendly choice that helps preserve natural resources. With Futurewood, you can have a beautiful deck while minimising environmental impact.

Locally-Owned Australian Business

Futurewood is a locally-owned Australian business that specialises in composite timber decking products. We take pride in providing premium quality and reliable decking solutions to customers in Leongatha and surrounding areas.

With our commitment to environmental responsibility, we offer an eco-friendly alternative to traditional timber decking. Our composite decking is made from a combination of recycled materials, making it more affordable and easier to maintain than traditional timber.

As a locally-owned business, we understand the needs of our community and strive to deliver excellent customer service along with innovative co-extrusion decking options. Simplify your project with our handy decking calculator and connect with Futurewood today for all your composite decking needs.

Picture of a pool in Leongatha surrounded by lounge chairs and a floor made of composite decking boards

Simplify Your Project with Our Decking Calculator

Make your decking project easier with our handy Decking Calculator.

  • Our Decking Calculator is a simple tool that helps you determine the amount of composite decking boards you need for your project.
  • It considers the dimensions of your deck, including length, width, and height, to calculate the number of boards required.
  • This eliminates the guesswork and ensures you purchase the right decking materials, saving you time and money.
  • Our calculator also considers any waste factor, so you don’t have to worry about running out of materials or having excess leftovers.
  • With just a few clicks, you can get an instant estimate of the number of decking boards needed for your project.
  • Our Decking Calculator is user – friendly and designed to simplify your deck planning process.
  • Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast or a professional contractor, our calculator will help streamline your project from start to finish.

Some More Details About Leongatha – VIC 3953

Leongatha, situated in Victoria, Australia, is a charming town surrounded by rolling hills and fertile farmland. Known for its close-knit community and rural allure, Leongatha offers residents and visitors a tranquil and inviting atmosphere. It boasts various amenities, including local markets, shops, and cafes highlighting regional produce and crafts. With its proximity to the beautiful beaches of Gippsland and the natural wonders of South Gippsland, Leongatha is an excellent starting point for outdoor exploration. The town is also celebrated for its cultural events and festivals, making it a vibrant and culturally rich destination in the heart of the Victorian countryside.

Map of Leongatha VIC

Leongatha Statistics

Coordinates: 38°29′0″S 145°57′0″E

Population: 5,869 (2021 census)

Postcode: 3953

Elevation: 88 m (289 ft)

Location: 135 km (84 mi) SE of Melbourne

LGA: South Gippsland Shire

County: Buln Buln

State Electorate: Gippsland South

Federal Division: Monash

Connect with Futurewood Today

Connect with Futurewood today to experience the benefits of composite decking in Leongatha. As a premium-quality and reliable Australian business, Futurewood offers a wide range of composite decking products that are perfect for your outdoor space.

Whether you’re looking for innovative co-extrusion decking or BAL 29-rated decking for bushfire-prone areas, Futurewood has got you covered.

Not only does Futurewood provide high-quality decking solutions, but it also prioritises environmental responsibility. Their composite timber decking is made from recycled materials, reducing the need for cutting down trees and contributing to a more sustainable future.

By choosing Futurewood, you can enjoy a beautiful deck while minimising your environmental impact.

To make your project even easier, Futurewood provides a convenient online Decking Calculator. This instant estimate tool calculates the number of decking boards and accessories you’ll need based on your specific requirements.

You can get an accurate estimate without any hassle with just a few clicks.

Don’t miss out on the advantages of Melbourne decking boards! Connect with Futurewood today to find the ideal solution for your outdoor space and make your dream deck a reality.