Composite Decking

Composite decking from Futurewood is a top choice for many people in Maryborough. It is crafted from recycled polyolefin, rice husks, and reclaimed hardwood timber, promoting environmental responsibility. This decking is robust and can withstand the harsh weather in Australia.

Unlike regular timber, it does not bend or crack easily. Another great thing about composite decking is how long it lasts. Regular decks can wear out fast, but not composite ones! They are made to last, so you won’t have to replace them as often.

Plus, composite decks also do not splinter or rot like their wooden counterparts can, making them safer for bare feet and hands. Choose composite decking in Maryborough from Futurewood today for a lasting professional deck solution!

The Many Advantages of Composite Decking

Composite decking offers minimal maintenance requirements, resistance to fading and stains, unrivalled durability and longevity, eco-friendly solutions, and a cost-effective alternative to traditional timber decking.

Minimal Maintenance Requirements

Composite decking makes life easy. It needs less work than other decks. You don’t have to paint or stain it. There’s no need to worry about rot or splinters, either. Just sweep it clean and give it a wash with soapy water.

So, you save time and money on upkeep!

Resistant to Fading and Stains

Composite decking in Maryborough fights off fading and stains well. Sunlight or rain will not change its colour. This is different from wood decks. Wine, oil, and other spills can easily be cleaned up from your deck.

This kind of decking uses a unique material to keep it looking new for a long time. You won’t have to repaint or restain it like you would with wooden decks. It saves both time and money.

Photo of white lounge chairs on a composite deck boards next to a pool in Maryborough

Unrivalled Durability and Longevity

Fake timber decking is built to last. It fights off the harsh Aussie weather with ease. Unlike standard wood, it does not rot or splinter. Even warping is not an issue for this sturdy material.

Its resistance makes it a perfect fit for Maryborough’s climate. No worries about constant repairs or replacements either. This decking stands strong yearly, ensuring your yard stays beautiful and safe to use!

Eco-Friendly Decking Solutions

Composite decking is good for our planet. It is made from recycled polyolefin, rice husks, and reclaimed hardwood timber. This stops it from going into landfills or being burnt. Also, making composite decking uses less energy than other methods.

So, at Futurewood, we help keep the earth clean and safe using this material for decks.

The Futurewood Range of Composite Decking Products

The Futurewood Range of Composite Decking Products offers innovative co-extrusion decking, BAL 29-rated decking for bushfire-prone areas, a complete range of accessories and resources, and a wide selection of colours and styles.

Innovative Co-extrusion Decking

Co-extrusion decking is new and intelligent. It blends wood and plastic in a firm layer. This makes the deck very tough. Even in challenging weather, it does not warp or break. The top layer stops fading, stains and mould growth too.

So your deck will stay fresh for years! The composite timber used here does not rot like regular wood decks. This new decking type wins over Maryborough folks with its strength and fantastic looks!

Picture of beach view in Maryborough from balcony made with composite decking boards

Bush Fire Attack Level (BAL) 29 Rated Decking

Bush Fire Attack Level 29 composite decking are demanding. It can stand up to bushfires. This particular type of decking board meets the BAL 29 rating. That means it’s made for areas with a high risk of fire.

In Australia, we know about hot and dry weather. Fires can start fast and often here. But don’t worry if you use BAL 29-rated decking from Futurewood. Our decks are safe against fires or embers that might come near your home.

We make strong and safe Aussies’ homes with our durable composite timber decks!

Our Complete Range of Decking Accessories and Resources

In Maryborough, we offer a Deck Mastery Collection featuring a variety of clips, from start to finish, including secure blackened screw deck clips. Explore our locking clips for metal or breaker board clips with the same innovation. For deck maintenance, try our Composite Timber Cleaner, ensuring your deck stays excellent for years; available in 1-litre and 4-litre bottles—your deck’s best friend in Maryborough.

Selection of Colours and Styles

Futurewood offers diverse composite decking options, whether you fancy a natural timber look or modern aesthetics. Pick from single or co-extrusion variants, with up to 13 standard colours and custom choices. Use our Colour Explorer tool to visualise your finish. Futurewood’s versatile composite decking lets you create a tailored deck that complements your home’s style.

Why Futurewood is Your Ideal Decking Supplier

Futurewood is the perfect decking supplier with premium quality products, a commitment to environmental responsibility, and a locally-owned Australian company.

Picture of a composite deck boards with grey steps and a patio in Maryborough

Premium Quality and Reliability

Our composite decking products are known for their premium quality and reliability. We prioritise durability, ensuring our decking is resistant to weathering, warping, and rotting.

With our composite decking, you won’t have to worry about splintering or needing constant maintenance like traditional wood decking. Our materials are designed to withstand Australia’s harsh climate, providing a long-lasting solution for your outdoor space.

Trust in our top-quality composite decking for a deck that will maintain its beauty and strength for years.

Commitment to Environmental Responsibility

Futurewood is committed to environmental responsibility and sustainability. We understand the importance of preserving our natural resources and reducing waste. Our composite decking products are made from recycled polyolefin, rice husks, and reclaimed hardwood timber, preventing unnecessary deforestation and reducing landfill waste.

Futurewood is proud to offer eco-friendly solutions without compromising on quality or durability.

Locally-Owned Australian Company

Futurewood is a locally-owned Australian company that specialises in composite decking. We pride ourselves on providing premium quality and reliable products to our valued customers.

As an Australian company, we understand the unique needs of our local market and strive to meet them with innovative solutions. We are committed to environmental responsibility and offer eco-friendly decking options that are both durable and long-lasting.

Image of black composite deck boards with steps in Maryborough

Save Money with Our Decking Calculator

Save money on your composite decking project with our handy Decking Calculator. Our calculator is a simple and convenient tool that helps you estimate the decking prices.

By entering the dimensions of your deck, you can instantly get an estimate of how many decking boards you’ll need, as well as any additional accessories required. This eliminates guesswork and ensures you only purchase what you need, saving time and money.

Whether it’s Composite Timber or Co-extrusion Decking, our calculator gives you an accurate estimate to plan your budget effectively. Start saving today by using our Decking Calculator!

More About Maryborough – VIC 3465

Maryborough, located in Victoria, Australia, is a charming regional town steeped in history and natural beauty. It’s renowned for its heritage architecture and vibrant arts scene, making it a delightful destination for history enthusiasts and creatives. With a warm community spirit, Maryborough offers a welcoming atmosphere, complemented by its scenic surroundings, including nearby forests and the picturesque Pyrenees Ranges. This idyllic town provides a relaxed and peaceful lifestyle, making it a popular choice for those seeking a tranquil yet culturally rich place to call home.

Map of Maryborough VIC

Maryborough Statistics

Coordinates: 37°03′00″S 143°44′06″E

Population: 8,160 (2021 census)

Established: 1854

Postcode: 3465

Elevation: 249 m (817 ft)


  • 168 km (104 mi) NW of Melbourne

  • 80 km (50 mi) N of Ballarat

  • 84 km (52 mi) SW of Bendigo

  • 48 km (30 mi) W of Castlemaine

LGA: Shire of Central Goldfields

State Electorate: Ripon

Federal Division: Mallee

Mean max temp: 20.4 °C 69 °F

Mean min temp: 8.0 °C 46 °F

Annual rainfall: 525.7 mm 20.7 in

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