Composite Decking

You can find top-notch composite decking in Morwell. This decking mixes wood and plastic, giving you a long-lasting product. It does not warp or splinter like traditional timber decking.

The Benefits of Composite Decking

Composite decking offers numerous benefits, including minimal maintenance requirements, resistance to fading and stains, unmatched durability and longevity, and an eco-friendly decking solution.

Minimal Maintenance Requirements

Composite decking is easy to look after. You don’t need to paint, stain or seal it. It can fight off rot and bugs on its own. Cleaning is simple, too! A little soap and water are all you need.

Resistant to Fading and Stains

Composite decking boards Melbourne are strong against stains and fading. You might spill food or drinks on it, but no stains will stay. Also, even if the sun shines bright daily, the colour won’t fade. Our product shows high resistance to harsh weather, too.

A composite deck boards featuring a table and chairs for outdoor relaxation in Morwell

Unrivalled Durability and Longevity

Composite decking beats other types. It is tough and lasts long. Warping, splintering, or rotting does not happen with it. This adds to the life of your deck. You get more time to enjoy the outdoors without worrying about repairs. Also, composite decking stands up well in all weather types.

An Eco-Friendly Decking Solution

Outdoor composite decking is good for our planet. It mixes reclaimed wood and rice husks with recycled polyolefin. This makes a strong deck that lasts a long time. Unlike timber, it doesn’t need trees to be cut down.

Real Cost of Timber vs Composite Decking

When comparing timber and composite decking, it’s crucial to consider more than just the upfront cost. Timber decking is initially cheaper but requires ongoing maintenance, can suffer from durability issues, and is less eco-friendly. In contrast, composite decking, though pricier upfront, boasts minimal maintenance, superior durability, eco-friendliness, and a much longer lifespan.

Why Choose Futurewood For Your Composite Decking Products

Choose Futurewood for your composite decking products and enjoy the benefits of innovative co-extrusion decking, bushfire attack level (BAL) 29-rated decking, a wide range of decking accessories, and a selection of hues and designs to suit any project.

Picture of white chairs and table on composite decking boards in Morwell

Innovative Co-extrusion Decking

Co-extrusion decking is a new way to make decks. It mixes wood and plastic into one solid piece. This type of deck doesn’t warp, rot or splinter easily. The lifespan is long, too! Co-extrusion decking looks like real timber, but it’s more durable and easy to keep clean.

Bush Fire Attack Level (BAL) 29 Rated Decking

Bush Fire Attack Level (BAL) 29-rated decking is special. It can stand up to very high heat. This kind of decking is safe in areas with many bushfires. At Futurewood, our composite decking meets BAL29 standards.

Our Decking Accessories

In Morwell, we offer a range of deck installation solutions, including various clips with secure blackened screws. We also provide Composite Timber Cleaner in 1-litre and 4-litre bottles for easy deck maintenance.

Selection of Decking Hues and Designs

Futurewood offers a wide range of composite decking options, from natural timber looks to modern styles. Our composite timber products come in single or co-extrusion types, with 13 standard colours and custom choices. Use our Colour Explorer tool to see how your finish will look. Create a personalised deck that complements your home’s style with Futurewood’s versatile composite decking.

Image of balcony overlooking beach made with composite deck boards in Morwell

Why Futurewood is Your Number One Decking Choice

Choose Futurewood for top-quality, reliable composite decking in Morwell. We’re a trusted name, committed to environmental responsibility, and proudly Australian-owned. Simplify your project with our instant estimate decking cost calculator. Connect with Futurewood experts today!

Premium Quality and Reliability

At Futurewood, we offer premium quality and reliable composite timber decking products. Our decking boards are made from recycled polyolefin, rice husks, and reclaimed hardwood timber, creating a durable and long-lasting solution for your outdoor space.

Commitment to Environmental Responsibility

Futurewood is committed to environmental responsibility. We understand the importance of sustainability in decking solutions. Our composite decking products reduce the need for harvesting natural timber and minimising waste.

Locally-Owned Business Serving Australia

Futurewood is a locally-owned business that serves customers all across Australia. We proudly offer high-quality composite decking products perfect for your outdoor spaces.

A picturesque walkway built with composite decking boards in Morwell

Simplify Your Project with Our Decking Calculator

Simplify your project with our decking calculator. Input your deck’s dimensions, and it calculates the decking boards, waste, screws, and accessories you’ll need. No more guesswork, saving you time and effort. This tool ensures you order the right materials, avoiding extra costs or shortages.

Interesting Facts About Morwell – VIC 3840

Morwell, nestled in Victoria’s Latrobe Valley, is a historic regional town known for its industrial heritage and scenic beauty. Surrounded by the Strzelecki Ranges, it offers a picturesque setting.

Map of Morwell VIC

Morwell Statistics

Coordinates: 38°14′S 146°24′E

Population: 14,389 (2021 census)

Established: 1870s

Postcode: 3840

Elevation: 80 m (262 ft)

Location: 152 km (94 mi) from Melbourne

13 km (8 mi) from Traralgon

132 km (82 mi) from Bairnsdale

LGA: City of Latrobe

State Electorate: Morwell

Federal Division: Gippsland

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