Composite Decking
East Perth

In East Perth, composite decking is a top pick. Decking Perth sells these materials. They are just suitable for our local weather. The prices can change, but it’s worth it. You get a high-quality, long-lasting deck with less work to keep it looking nice.

Futurewood WA timber decking professionals build some of the best decks in town. They know how to use all types of composite timber. These experts have helped many people enjoy stylish and sturdy outdoor spaces at home or work.

The Advantages of Composite Decking

Composite timber decking offers minimal maintenance requirements, resistance to fading and stains, durability and longevity, and an eco-friendly decking solution.

Minimal Maintenance Requirements

Composite timber decking needs very little care. It stands up to the East Perth weather well. You won’t have to paint, stain or seal it. Bugs can’t eat it, and it doesn’t rot. Just a quick wash now and then keeps it looking good.

No need for special cleaners or hard work!

Resistant to Fading and Stains

Plastic decking is built to last. It stands up well to the hot sun and messy spills. The boards don’t lose their colour, even under bright light. You can trust them not to fade or stain easily.

In East Perth, Futurewood composite decking does this job best. These boards fight off stains and keep their looks for a long time. They are tough against mould, too. So your deck will always look new and clean.

Unrivalled Durability and Longevity

Composite decking wins with unbeatable strength that lasts. The deck boards can stand against East Perth’s climate, known to test decks often. You won’t worry about scratches or stains due to this muscular build.

Even mould and fading can’t hurt it!  If you want a deck that stays strong year after year, go for composite decking.

Image of deck in East Perth, featuring composite decking boards with railings

An Eco-Friendly Decking Solution

Composite decking is good for our earth. It uses recycled materials and helps to save trees. By choosing it, you show love to nature. This green choice will keep your deck looking great with no environmental harm!

Our Range of Composite Decking Products

We offer innovative co-extrusion decking, BAL 29-rated decking for bushfire-prone areas, a variety of accessories and a wide selection of hues and designs to choose from.

Innovative Co-extrusion Decking

Co-extrusion decking is very cool. It has a tough outer shell that wraps around the inside deck board. This makes it safe from stains, fading and scratches. Plus, it can last for a long time without getting damaged.

Decking Perth uses this kind for its decks. They know how good it is in East Perth’s weather. So whether you plan parties or quiet family dinners on your deck, co-extrusion decking will stand firm!

Bush Fire Attack Level (BAL) 29 Rated Decking

Our Bush Fire Attack Level (BAL) 29 decking is strong. BAL 29 compsoite decking can stand up to bushfires. This type of composite decking has a particular rating. That means non combustible decking can handle high heat from fires better than other decks.

You stay safe, and your deck looks good, even in harsh conditions. Do you want a deck that lasts? Choose our BAL 29-rated decking!

Image of composite deck boards, railing, and fence in East Perth

Our Decking Accessories

Explore East Perth’s comprehensive deck installation solutions, offering everything from starter and finisher clips to standard deck clips with durable blackened screws. We also provide locking clips for metal surfaces and breaker board clips with the same functionality. For deck maintenance, our specially formulated Composite Timber Cleaner ensures long-lasting beauty for your deck. Available in 1-litre and 4-litre bottles.

Selection of Decking Hues and Designs

At Futurewood, we present various composite decking options in many colours to complement your style, catering to those who cherish the authentic allure of timber and those with a penchant for a contemporary, sophisticated appearance. Our composite timber products, available in single or co-extrusion types, come in a palette of up to 13 standard shades and bespoke colour and finish possibilities to suit your unique preferences.

Why Futurewood is the Ideal Choice

Futurewood is the ideal choice for composite decking in East Perth because of our premium quality, environmental responsibility commitment, and convenient decking calculator.

Connect with us today to learn why we are the best option for your decking needs.

Premium Quality and Reliability

Our Perth composite decking boards offer premium quality and reliability that you can count on. Made with the highest standards, our decking materials are designed to withstand the East Perth climate and provide exceptional durability and longevity.

We prioritise your satisfaction by offering a free sample so you can see for yourself before making a purchase. Choose our premium composite decking for a reliable, long-lasting deck that will enhance your outdoor space for years.

Image of a composite deck boards featuring a white railing in East Perth

Commitment to Environmental Responsibility

At Futurewood, we are committed to environmental responsibility. Our composite decking products are made from recycled materials, including reclaimed wood fibres and plastic.

Using these materials, we help reduce the demand for virgin timber and divert waste from landfills. Additionally, our decking boards are designed to be long-lasting and low maintenance, reducing the need for frequent replacements that contribute to landfill waste.

Locally-Owned Australian Business

Futurewood is your ideal choice for composite decking in East Perth. We take pride in being a locally-owned Australian business committed to providing premium quality and reliable products for our customers.

With years of experience in the industry, we understand the unique needs of the East Perth climate and only offer decking materials specially chosen to withstand the local conditions.

Simplify Your Project with Our Decking Calculator

Revamp your deck planning with our innovative decking calculator—a crucial aid for time and cost efficiency. Enter your project’s details, and our instant estimate tool will promptly calculate the exact quantity of decking boards needed. Why navigate unnecessary complexities in time and expenses? Choose a streamlined approach by incorporating our instant estimate tool today, simplifying and optimising your deck-building process effortlessly.

Image of a poolside deck in East Perth with composite decking boards and steps

Exciting Details About East Perth – WA 6004

East Perth, located on the eastern banks of the Swan River near the city centre, is a vibrant urban precinct that seamlessly blends natural beauty with modern living. This dynamic neighbourhood combines contemporary residential and commercial spaces and cultural attractions. 

Map of East Perth WA

East Perth Statistics

Coordinates: 31.957°S 115.876°E

Population: 11,681 (SAL 2021)

Postcode: 6004

Area: 3.3 km2 (1.3 sq mi)

Location: 2 km (1 mi) from Perth

LGA: City of Perth City of Vincent

State Electorate: Perth

Federal Division: Perth

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