Composite Decking
Fitzroy Crossing

Composite decking is a top pick for many in Fitzroy Crossing, Western Australia. It’s made from recycled polyolefin, rice husks, and reclaimed hardwood timber. This means composite deck boards are built to last! They won’t warp or rot like regular timber decking might.

Advantages of Composite Decking

Composite Decking Perth offers a range of advantages, including the actual cost comparison to timber decks, its resilience against fading and stains, minimal maintenance requirements, eco-friendly composition, and unmatched durability and longevity.

Resilient Against Fading and Stains

Composite timber decking shines in Fitzroy Crossing. It fights off fading and stains better than timber decking. The hot sun can’t dull its colours. Spilled drinks or food drops are easy to clean with just a wipe.

Minimal Maintenance Needed

Composite decking wins a lot of hearts with its easy care. Unlike timber decking, there is no need to deal with pesky rot or insects. It also won’t warp over time. You can say goodbye to staining and painting each year, too! All you have to do is clean it now and then with soap and water.

Eco-Friendly Decking Solution

Composite decking is good for the earth. It uses recycled polyolefin, rice husks, and reclaimed hardwood timber. This makes less trash in our world. It also saves trees because we don’t need to cut them down for wood decks.

A patio with composite decking boards in Fitzroy Crossing

Unmatched Durability and Longevity

Composite decking boards last longer than other types. It doesn’t rot or warp. Bugs can’t eat it. You won’t see any fading or stains either. This is all because of these decks’ mix of wood and plastic.

Our Range of Composite Decking Products

We offer Bush Fire Attack Level (BAL) 29-rated composite decking, perfect for areas prone to bushfires.

Bush Fire Attack Level (BAL) 29 Rated

We keep your home safe. Our composite decking gets a Bush Fire Attack Level (BAL) 29 rating. This rate means our decks can stand up to bushfires. They don’t catch fire fast or easily. You stay safe outside and inside your home with this type of decking.

Bush Fire Attack Level 29 composite decking is designed to meet specific fire safety standards, offering increased fire resistance in regions prone to bushfires while providing a durable and aesthetically pleasing decking solution.

Cutting-Edge Co-extrusion Decking

Our co-extrusion decking is top-notch. It uses the latest tech to make solid and long-lasting boards. This decking fights off harm from sun and rain better than other types. You can relax knowing your deck will look new for many years.

Picture of modern deck in Fitzroy Crossing made of composite decking boards with furniture

A Spectrum of Decking Colours and Styles

Explore Futurewood’s diverse composite decking options, whether you prefer the timeless look of natural timber or a modern style. With up to 13 standard colours and custom choices in single and co-extrusion varieties, you can easily create a personalised deck that complements your home’s style using our Colour Explorer tool.

Decking Add Ons

Elevate your deck with Fitzroy Crossing Deck Solutions. From essential starters to self-drilling locking clips, we offer comprehensive installation options. Maintain your deck’s allure with our Composite Timber Cleaner, available in 1-litre and 4-litre bottles.

Why Futurewood is Your Top Choice

Futurewood is the top choice for composite decking in Fitzroy Crossing because of its commitment to sustainability, high-quality products, Australian ownership, and helpful tools like the decking calculator.

Commitment to Sustainability

Our commitment to sustainability is a crucial aspect of our composite decking products. We understand the importance of protecting the environment and reducing waste, so our decking is made from recycled plastic.

Image of composite deck boards, railing, and fence in Fitzroy Crossing

High-Quality and Reliable Product Range

At Futurewood, we pride ourselves on offering a high-quality and reliable composite decking product range. Our artificial timber decking are made using wood and plastic, ensuring durability and longevity.

Australian Owned

Futurewood is an Australian-owned company, meaning you support local businesses when choosing our composite decking products. We take pride in providing high-quality and reliable decking solutions for homeowners in Fitzroy Crossing and beyond.

Decking Calculator

Calculating the materials needed for your composite decking project is made easy with our decking calculator. Enter the dimensions of your outdoor space, and our instant estimate tool will accurately calculate how many decking boards you’ll need.

The decking costs varies based on factors such as the type of timber, installation complexity, and location, typically ranging from a few tens to hundreds of dollars per square meter.

Image of a poolside deck in Fitzroy Crossing with composite decking boards and steps

Exciting Details About Fitzroy Crossing – WA 6765

In Western Australia’s Kimberley region, Fitzroy Crossing is a place of striking natural beauty along the Fitzroy River. It is a gateway to stunning sites like Windjana Gorge and Geikie Gorge and is rich in indigenous art and culture, making it a captivating destination.

Map of Fitzroy Crossing WA

Fitzroy Statistics

Coordinates: 18°11′40″S 125°34′00″E

Population: 1,022 (UCL 2021)

Established: 1900s

Postcode: 6765

Elevation: 114 m (374 ft)

Area: 28 km2 (11 sq mi)

LGA: Shire of Derby-West Kimberley

State Electorate: Kimberley

Federal Division: Durack

Mean max temp: 35.6 °C 96 °F

Mean min temp: 19.2 °C 67 °F

Annual rainfall: 541.2 mm 21.3 in

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