Composite Decking

In Gosnells, many people pick composite decking for their outdoor spaces. Composite decks are made of recycled polyolefin, rice husks, and reclaimed hardwood timber. This mix makes them strong and long-lasting. These decks do not warp or rot like regular wood decks.

They also don’t splinter, so they are safer to walk on.

These boards need very little care to keep them looking good. Just clean off dirt now and then! Even the harsh weather in Gosnells can’t harm these challenging composite timber decking boards. Another big plus is that these boards help our planet since they use waste wood bits that would otherwise be thrown away.

Benefits of Composite Decking

Composite decking offers several benefits, including low maintenance, durability and longevity, environmental friendliness, fade and stain resistance, and cost advantages compared to traditional timber decking.

Low Maintenance

Composite timber decking is easy to care for. It does not need paint, stain, or sealant. This makes it an excellent choice for those who want a deck but don’t have time for the upkeep of wood decks.

Just clean it with soap and water once in a while. You won’t find any splinters or warping issues here, either! Composite decking keeps looking good year after year with little work from you.

Durability and Longevity

Perth composite decking is a tough choice for outdoor spaces. It lasts longer than regular wood. This decking does not rot or splinter like traditional wood. Its strength beats common problems in wooden decks.

Weather changes do not hurt composite decks. These decks stand up to the sun, rain and more without damage. They are famous for patios in Gosnells due to their long life and sturdiness.

Choose a composite deck for a lasting backyard beauty!

Image of modern patio in Gosnells with comfortable furniture on composite decking boards

Environmentally Friendly

Composite decking is suitable for nature. This product uses recycled timber and plastic. The mix of old wood bits, sawdust, and used plastic gives it a second life. It keeps these things out of the trash.

Using this type of decking helps lessen waste in our world. Plus, no harmful chemicals are used to treat composite boards like there sometimes are with real wood decks. So, you keep the earth clean when you pick composite decking for your outdoor spaces in Gosnells.

Fade and Stain Resistance

Composite decking is known for its vigorous fight against stain and fade. It stays bright and clean all the time. If something spills, it’s easy to wash off. Also, this decking does not fade in the sun or rain.

It keeps its colour fresh for years. This is good news if you love outdoor parties or have kids playing on your deck.

Actual Cost of Timber vs. Composite Decking

Comparing the actual cost of timber decking to composite decking gives insight into the most cost-effective choice for your decking needs in Gosnells.

Timber DeckingComposite Decking
Initial Installation CostGenerally cheaper to initially install than composite decking.Higher upfront cost due to the more complex manufacturing process, but offers cost savings in the long term.
Maintenance CostRequires regular maintenance, including sealing, staining, and painting, which can add up over time.It doesn’t require painting, sealing or staining, thus reducing maintenance costs over time.
LongevitySubject to weathering, rotting, and warping, which may require replacement boards, increasing long-term costs.Resistant to splintering, rotting, and warping, ensuring longevity and less replacement cost.
Environmental ImpactHarvesting timber for decking can contribute to deforestation.It is made from recycled timber and plastic, making it an eco-friendly option.

Considering both the initial and ongoing costs and the environmental impact, it is clear that composite decking offers superior value over time.

Our Composite Decking Products

We offer a range of high-quality composite decking products, including co-extrusion decking and BAL 29-rated decking options.

Picture of wicker chairs on a composite deck boards, overlooking a pool in Gosnells

Co-Extrusion Decking

Co-Extrusion Decking is a good choice for your deck. It uses two layers. The outer layer shields the decking from harm. It stops the sun’s heat, rain and dirt from hurting it. This makes it last longer and look better.

You will not spend a lot of time fixing or cleaning it. A more rigid inner layer holds the weight of people and things on your deck. If you live in Gosnells, this type of decking will work well with your home.

Bush Fire Attack Level (BAL) 29 Rated

Our Bush Fire Attack Level (BAL) 29-rated decking suits you. This composite decking type can withstand fire embers and flames. It’s stronger than standard timber against harsh bushfires. With BAL 29 composite timber decking boards, your deck stays safe in high-risk fire areas like Gosnells.

Most importantly, it gives you peace of mind during the dry season, knowing your outdoor space is well-guarded from dangers caused by fires.

Decking Colours and Styles

At Futurewood, we provide a range of composite decking options tailored to your preferences, whether you’re inclined towards the classic appearance of natural timber or have a penchant for a contemporary, sleek style. Our composite timber products are available in single and co-extrusion varieties, offering a palette of up to 13 standard colours and custom colour and finish choices.

Decking Addons

Discover Gosnells’ versatile deck installation solutions, featuring an array of clips, from starters and finishers to regular deck clips with secure blackened screws. We also offer locking clips for easy self-drilling into metal and breaker board clips with the same feature. For deck maintenance, explore our specially formulated Composite Timber Cleaner, available in 1-litre and 4-litre bottles, designed to preserve your deck’s pristine appearance for years.

Image of a deck made of composite decking boards near the garden in Gosnells

Why Choose Futurewood

When choosing composite decking for your outdoor space in Gosnells, Futurewood is the right choice. Our high-quality and reliable products ensure you have a deck that lasts for years.

As an Australian-owned company, we take pride in providing sustainable solutions, using recycled timber and plastic materials in our composite boards. We are committed to reducing waste and protecting the environment.

With our decking calculator, you can easily estimate the materials needed for your project. Choose Futurewood for a durable and eco-friendly composite decking solution. Contact us today to learn more about our products!

Our Products are High-Quality and Reliable

Our composite timber decking products are known for their high quality and reliability. We pride ourselves on offering durable, long-lasting decking boards resistant to common issues like splintering, rotting, and warping.

Our composite timber is made from recycled materials, making it an eco-friendly choice for outdoor spaces. With weather-resistant properties, our decking can withstand various weather conditions in Gosnells.

Whether you’re looking for co-extrusion decking or BAL 29-rated options, we have a range of colours and styles to suit your needs. When you choose Futurewood, you can trust that you’re getting a top-notch product that will enhance your outdoor space for years.

Australian Ownership

At Futurewood, we take pride in being an Australian-owned company. We are committed to providing high-quality and reliable composite timber decking products for our customers in Gosnells and beyond.

Our locally-owned business values sustainability and believes in using recycled materials like timber and plastic waste to create our composite boards. By choosing Futurewood, you get a durable deck, support local Australian businesses, and contribute to a more eco-friendly future.

Commitment to Sustainability

At Futurewood, we are committed to sustainability. Our composite decking products are made from recycled timber, sawdust, and other wood waste materials. By using these reclaimed resources, we reduce the demand for new timber and help prevent deforestation.

We also use recycled plastic in our composite boards, which helps reduce waste in landfills. Our sustainable decking options allow you to enjoy your outdoor space without harming the environment.

Picture of composite deck boards on a brick patio with a brick wall in Gosnells

Decking Calculator

Our Decking Calculator is a handy tool for estimating the materials needed for your composite decking project. Input the dimensions of your deck area, and the calculator will provide you with an instant estimate the timber decking cost per m2 and how many decking boards you’ll need.

This helps you plan your budget more effectively and ensures you don’t waste materials. It’s a quick and easy way to start your composite decking project in Gosnells.

More About Gosnells – WA 6110

Gosnells, situated in Western Australia, is a suburban gem that combines the tranquillity of a semi-rural setting with the convenience of urban living. Nestled in the southeastern region of Perth, Gosnells is renowned for its picturesque landscapes and green spaces, including the scenic Mary Carroll Park, providing residents with ample outdoor leisure and recreation opportunities. The suburb also boasts a vibrant town centre, where shopping and dining options abound. With excellent transport links, Gosnells ensures easy access to Perth’s more expansive amenities and attractions, making it an attractive choice for those seeking a harmonious blend of suburban and city life.

Map of Gosnells WA

Gosnells Statistics

Coordinates: 32.072°S 115.995°E

Population: 21,149 (SAL 2021)[1]

Established: 1890

Postcode: 6110

Area: 15.5 km2 (6.0 sq mi)

Location: 20 km (12 mi) from Perth

LGA: City of Gosnells

State Electorate: Southern River Thornlie

Federal Division: Burt

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