Composite Decking
Kambalda West

Composite decking has hit Kambalda West. It’s a strong mix of recycled polyolefin, rice husks, and reclaimed hardwood timber. This makes it tough enough to handle Australia’s harsh weather.

The Advantages of Composite Decking

Perth composite timber decking boards offer several advantages, including low maintenance requirements, resistance to fading and stains, unmatched durability and longevity, and an eco-friendly decking solution.

Minimal Maintenance Requirements

Composite decking is a real-time save. It needs less care than timber decks do. You don’t have to stain, seal or paint it often. This makes your life simple! Harsh sun and heavy rain can’t spoil the look of composite decking, either. Plus, you won’t find any splinters in this deck, making it safe for kids and pets at home.

Resistant to Fading and Stains

Composite decking is tough. It fights off stains and does not fade. Spills won’t mark it so that you can enjoy barbecues without worry. Even in the hot sun, the colour stays vibrant for years.

This decking also deals well with Australia’s harsh weather. It doesn’t matter if it’s sunny or rainy; your deck will look new all year round.

Image of black composite deck boards with steps in Kambalda West

Unrivalled Durability and Longevity

Composite decking beats other types in terms of strength and life span. It can take on Australia’s tough weather without any trouble! No rot, no warp, no fade. Even bugs won’t eat it! You get a deck that stays as good as new for many years.

Plus, your feet stay safe because composite decks are free from splinters and don’t get too slippery when wet. It might cost more than wood at first, but in the long run, you save money because it needs fewer fix-ups and lasts longer.

An Eco-Friendly Decking Solution

Composite decking is kind to our planet. It uses a blend of recycled polyolefin, rice husks, and reclaimed hardwood timber. This mix keeps many tons of waste from going into landfills each year.

Real Cost of Timber vs Composite Decking

When comparing timber and composite decking, it’s crucial to consider long-term costs rather than just the initial expenses. Timber decking may appear cheaper upfront, but it entails significant ongoing maintenance costs and has a potential environmental impact due to tree cutting. In contrast, while initially more expensive, composite decking proves to be more cost-effective and eco-friendly over time.

Our Range of Composite Decking Products

We offer innovative co-extrusion decking, BAL 29-rated decking for bushfire-prone areas, a selection of decking accessories and a variety of hues and designs to choose from.

Picture of floor made with composite deck boards in Kambalda West

Innovative Co-extrusion Decking

Co-extrusion decking is a smart way to make decks last. It uses two layers of material during the build. The inner layer is made from wood and plastic. This mix makes it very strong. The outer layer protects against sun, rain, and bugs.

Composite timber deck are made from recycled materials, presents a durable, low-maintenance, and weather-resistant option for outdoor areas, offering longevity and environmental sustainability.

Bush Fire Attack Level (BAL) 29 Rated Decking

Bush Fire Attack Level 29 decking boards can keep your home safe. This type of composite decking is strong against fire. Australia’s hot weather makes fires a big worry. Using BAL 29, decking cuts the chance of damage in case of a bushfire.

Our Decking Accessories

In Kambalda West, we offer a variety of deck installation solutions, including starter, finisher, and standard clips with secure blackened screws, as well as locking clips for metal surfaces and breaker board clips. Maintain your deck’s appearance with our Composite Timber Cleaner, available in 1-litre and 4-litre bottles.

Selection of Decking Hues and Designs

At Futurewood, we present various composite decking options in many hues tailored to complement your style, be it an inclination towards the authentic appeal of timber or a preference for a refined, contemporary aesthetic. Futurewood’s composite timber offerings encompass single and co-extrusion varieties, presenting an extensive palette of up to 13 standard shades and bespoke colour selections and finishing choices to cater to your distinctive tastes.

Image of a poolside view of two wicker chairs on a composite decking boards in Kambalda West

Why Futurewood is the Ideal Choice

Futurewood is the ideal choice for composite timber decking in Kambalda West due to its premium quality and commitment to environmental responsibility, and it is a locally-owned Australian business.

Premium Quality and Reliability

Our composite decking products are known for their premium quality and reliability. They are designed to withstand Australia’s harsh climate conditions. Our decking boards are durable, splinter-free, and slip-resistant, making them safe for bare feet, children, and pets.

Commitment to Environmental Responsibility

We have a strong commitment to environmental responsibility at Futurewood. By repurposing materials, we reduce the demand for new timber and minimise landfill waste. Additionally, our composite decking is designed to be long-lasting and low maintenance, reducing the need for frequent replacements and minimising the impact on natural resources.

Locally-Owned Australian Business

Futurewood is a locally-owned Australian business that offers a wide range of high-quality composite decking products in Kambalda West. With its premium quality and reliability, Futurewood is the ideal choice for your decking needs.

Connect with Futurewood today to explore their selection of composite decking products.

Photo of a metal pergola in Kambalda West shading a composite decking boards

Simplify Your Project with Our Decking Calculator

Streamline your decking project with our convenient Decking Cost Calculator Australia. Easily calculate the precise number of composite decking boards you need, eliminating the hassle of overbuying or falling short on materials. Input your deck’s dimensions, and let the calculator handle the math, providing you with an instant estimate. This efficient tool saves you time and money.

Interesting Details About Kambalda West – WA 6442

Kambalda West, located in Western Australia’s Goldfields-Esperance region, has a rich mining heritage and a strong sense of community. It offers a unique blend of industry and natural beauty, making it a special place to live and visit, surrounded by picturesque Australian outback landscapes.

Map of Kambalda West WA

Kambalda Statistics

Coordinates: 31°12′30″S 121°38′36″E

Population: 2,468 (2021 census)[a]

Established: Kambalda East (1967–1973), Kambalda West: (1969–1975)

Postcode: 6442

Location: 616 km (383 mi) from Perth

LGA: Shire of Coolgardie

State electorate: Kalgoorlie

Federal Division: O’Connor

Attractions: Red Hill Lookout

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Connect with Futurewood today to explore the wide range of composite decking options available in Kambalda West. Futurewood is a locally-owned Australian business specialising in premium quality and reliable composite timber products.

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