Composite Decking

In Merredin, people love using composite timber decking from Futurewood. It is made from recycled polyolefin, rice husks, and reclaimed hardwood timber. So it looks like natural timber but is more durable. It can fight off rot and warp better than wooden decks can. Stand up to the harsh climates in Australia, and is safe for kids or pets to walk barefoot because they’re not splintery or slippery.

Benefits of Composite Decking

Composite decking offers numerous benefits for homeowners in Merredin. It requires low maintenance, is incredibly durable and long-lasting, environmentally friendly, and resistant to fading and stains. Unlike traditional timber decking, a composite deck provides a cost-effective, longer-term solution.

Low Maintenance

Composite timber decking Perth saves you time. You don’t need to spend hours painting or staining it. There is no rotting or warping to fix. Just a quick clean with soap and water keeps it looking great.

Durability and Longevity

Composite decking is durable and lasts a long time. It does not rot or warp as wood does. This is because it is made from recycled wood fibres and plastic materials. These two things give composite decking its strength. It can withstand harsh weather and is a safe place for your kids to play all year round!

Environmentally Friendly

Composite decking from Futurewood is kind to our planet. Their product is a testament to environmental consciousness, created using recycled polyolefin, rice husks, and reclaimed hardwood timber.

A deck made of composite decking boards in Merredin with a railing and green fence

Fade and Stain Resistance

A composite deck shines in the face of spills and sun. It keeps its colour for many years. Even if you spill wine or drop barbecue sauce, it won’t stain.

Actual Cost of Timber vs. Composite Decking

When considering decking options, it’s not just the initial decking cost that must be regarded as but the long-term costs.

Factors Timber Decking Composite Decking
Initial Cost It lowers initial cost but requires more money for sealants and stains up front. A higher initial cost.
Maintenance Costs Requires frequent staining, sealing, and sanding to maintain its look and prevent damage. This adds significant ongoing costs. It is built to be low maintenance.
Lifespan It is expected to last around 10-15 years, with proper maintenance. After this, it may need to be replaced, adding to the overall expense. Engineered for durability and longevity
Environmental Impact Timber decking uses trees, which can contribute to deforestation. While sustainably sourced timber is available, it usually comes at a higher price. It is made from recycled materials and is a more environmentally friendly choice.

Our Composite Decking Products

We offer a range of composite timber decking products, including co-extrusion decking and BAL 29 composite timber decking boards. Our decking comes in various colours and styles, with additional add-ons to enhance your outdoor space.

A stylish combination of composite deck boards, brick patio, and wall in Merredin

Co-Extrusion Decking

Co-Extrusion decking boards are top-notch. They have a shield that keeps them safe from the sun and rain. It’s tough to crack, split or warp these boards because they are made strong. They look like natural wood but don’t need as much care.

Bush Fire Attack Level (BAL) 29 Rated

Our composite boards can handle hot fires. They have a Bush Fire Attack Level (BAL) 29 rating. This means they are solid and safe in places where bushfires can happen. So, you don’t need to worry during the dry season.

Decking Colours and Styles

Futurewood offers up to 13 standard colours and custom choices. With our Colour Explorer tool to visualise your finish, you can easily create a personalised deck that complements your home’s style.

Decking Add-ons

In Merredin, we offer a variety of deck clips, from start to finish, complete with secure blackened screws. You’ll also find self-drilling locking clips for the metal subframe and breaker board clips with the same feature. To maintain your deck’s appeal, consider our Composite Timber Cleaner.

Picture of composite decking boards on a deck with steps leading to a pool in Merredin

Why Choose Futurewood

Choose Futurewood for your composite decking needs because we offer high-quality and reliable products. Our composite decking is designed to withstand Australia’s harsh climate conditions, ensuring durability and longevity.

Trust Futurewood for top-notch composite decking that combines the natural look of timber with the benefits of modern technology.

Our Products are High-Quality and Reliable

Our composite decking products at Futurewood are known for their high quality and reliability. As Australia’s No. 1 composite decking brand, we take pride in offering sustainable and environmentally friendly options that look like natural timber but require minimal maintenance.

Australian Ownership

Futurewood is proud to be an Australian-owned company. We support local businesses and provide our fellow Australians with high-quality products. By choosing Futurewood, you are not only getting a durable and long-lasting product, but you are also supporting the Australian economy. We take pride in being an Australian-owned brand and are committed to providing sustainable solutions for all your decking needs.

Commitment to Sustainability

At Futurewood, we are committed to sustainability. Our composite decking products are designed with the environment in mind. They are made from a combination of recycled wood fibres and plastic materials, which means fewer trees are being cut down and less waste is going into our landfills.

We take pride in offering environmentally friendly options that look great and contribute to a greener future.

An expansive deck featuring composite decking boards and a generous outdoor living space in Merredin

Decking Calculator

Our decking calculator is a valuable tool that helps you estimate the amount of composite decking boards you’ll need for your project. It considers the dimensions of your desired deck area and calculates the number of boards required, including any wastage.

This saves you time and money by ensuring you purchase the right amount of decking materials. Whether you’re planning a small patio or a large outdoor entertainment area, our decking calculator makes it easy to estimate your needs.

More About Merredin – WA 6415

Merredin, located in Western Australia, is a historic town within the Wheatbelt region, celebrated for its agricultural heritage and vital role in the local farming and grain industries. The Cummins Theatre, a heritage-listed gem, offers a peek into the town’s cultural history. Merredin’s warm community spirit and rural charm make it an inviting destination for those looking to experience a slice of Australian rural life and history.

Map of Merredin WA

Merredin Statistics

Coordinates: 31.482°S 118.279°E

Population: 2,384 (UCL 2021)

Established: 1890s

Postcode: 6415

Elevation: 318 m (1,043 ft)

Area: 250.1 km2 (96.6 sq mi)

Location: 256 km (159 mi) east of Perth

LGA: Shire of Merredin

State Electorate: Central Wheatbelt

Federal Division: Durack

Mean max temp: 24.7 °C 76 °F

Mean min temp: 10.7 °C 51 °F

Annual rainfall: 314.4 mm 12.4 in

Things To Do: Merredin Military Museum

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