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Your Composite Decking Partner In Mosman Park

Looking for top-notch composite decking in Mosman Park? You’ve found the right team! Professional builders and carpenters in the area are ready to bring your outdoor space to life.

They use quality composite timber decking that stands up against the Western Australian weather. These experts know all about creating beautiful, lasting decks with minimal fuss.

Futurewood offers a variety of durable composite decking boards here in Perth. Our products are eco-friendly and made from recycled materials, perfect for those who love the environment as much as their home.

With our help, you’ll get a stylish deck without the constant upkeep of natural timber. Get ready to enjoy outdoor living with a brand new deck built just for you!

Why Choose Composite Decking

Fake wood decking is the ideal choice for your outdoor space in Mosman Park, offering minimal maintenance requirements, resistance to fading and stains, exceptional durability and longevity, as well as being an eco-friendly solution.

When comparing the real cost of timber vs composite decking, the benefits are clear.

Minimal Maintenance Requirements

Composite decking in Mosman Park makes looking after your deck a breeze. With its blend of wood and plastic, it’s built to withstand the elements without the need for sanding, staining, or oiling.

Say goodbye to weekends spent on upkeep; this decking just needs an occasional wash to keep it looking fresh. Enjoy more free time and less hassle with your beautiful outdoor space.

This eco-friendly choice is not only easy to care for but also kinder to the planet. Using recycled materials means fewer trees cut down and less waste in our landfills. Mosman Park residents can take pride in their stylish decks that demand minimal effort while being environmentally responsible.

Resistant to Fading and Stains

Composite decking stands up to the bright Perth sun without losing its vibrant color. Its special materials keep it looking new for years, unlike traditional wood that fades and gets stained over time.

Drinks spill? No problem! Just wipe your deck down and it’s as good as new. And with Mosman Park’s love for outdoor living, this decking handles BBQ mishaps and sunscreen splatters with ease.

Moving on from how well composite decking resists fading and stains, let’s explore its toughness and long life span.

A balcony made of composite decking boards with railing and fence in Mosman Park

Unrivalled Durability and Longevity

Not only does composite decking stand strong against fading and stains, but it also shines in lasting for years. Its mix of wood fibers and recycled plastics creates a robust material that doesn’t give way easily under pressure or harsh weather.

Homeowners in Perth appreciate its toughness, especially since the Western Australian climate can be tough on outdoor structures. Composite decks don’t crack, warp, or rot like traditional timber.

This means you get to enjoy your stylish Mosman Park deck without worrying about frequent repairs or replacements. It’s a smart choice that stays looking good season after season with minimal fuss – a true testament to its unrivalled durability and longevity.

An Eco-Friendly Decking Solution

Composite decking shines as a green choice for outdoor living spaces. It blends recycled wood with plastic, cutting down on waste. These decks last long and avoid the need to chop down trees, making them kind to our planet.

Mosman Park folks can now enjoy stylish yards without harming nature.

Choosing composite means saying goodbye to harsh chemicals used in treating traditional wood decks. Futurewood focuses on providing eco-friendly options that help reduce environmental footprints.

Enjoy peace of mind knowing your beautiful deck supports sustainability and contributes to a healthier Earth.

Real Cost of Timber vs Composite Decking

When it comes to choosing decking material, the decision often comes down to balancing cost with longevity and maintenance. Let’s take a closer look at the real cost implications of timber versus composite decking in a format that’s easy to digest.

Cost FactorTimber DeckingComposite Decking
Initial InvestmentLowerHigher
Maintenance RequirementsRegular staining and sealingMinimal cleaning
Lifespan10-15 years25-30 years or more
Resistance to ElementsProne to warp and rotHigh resistance to fading, staining, and decay
Eco-FriendlinessDepends on wood sourceOften made from recycled materials
Long-Term CostsPotentially higher due to maintenance and replacementLower, thanks to durability and low maintenance

Whilst timber decking may appear as a more cost-effective option initially, it’s important to factor in the ongoing expenses associated with its upkeep. Composite decking, on the other hand, offers a sustainable solution with its longer lifespan and minimal maintenance needs.

With an understanding of the costs involved, our next topic takes a deep dive into the complete range of composite decking products. Here you’ll discover the perfect blend of aesthetics, performance, and value to suit your Mosman Park home.

The Complete Range of Composite Decking Products

Discover our innovative co-extrusion decking, BAL 29 rated decking for bushfire-prone areas, and a selection of unique designs and colours. Our decking accessories are designed to complement your composite decking perfectly.

Relaxation by the pool on lounge chairs with flooring made of composite deck boards in Mosman Park

Innovative Co-extrusion Decking

Innovative co-extrusion decking stands out as a cutting-edge product. It layers multiple materials for extra protection and durability. The top layer is a shield that resists stains, fading, and scratches.

This makes decks last longer and look new for years. Co-extruded composite decking holds up well in Perth’s weather without the constant upkeep wood needs.

Co-extrusion technology is eco-friendly too. It blends recycled plastics with reclaimed wood fibers to create boards. These are tough against the elements of Western Australia’s climate but kind to the planet.

Using this advanced composite decking means enjoying your outdoor space more and worrying about maintenance less.

Bush Fire Attack Level (BAL) 29 Rated Decking

Safety is a prime concern for homes in fire-prone areas. Our Bush Fire Attack Level (BAL) 29 rated decking meets this challenge head-on. It’s specifically designed to withstand the harsh conditions of bushfires.

This type of composite decking keeps your outdoor area safe without sacrificing style or durability. The materials used are tough enough to reduce the risk from embers and flames, giving you peace of mind.

Choosing BAL 29 composite decking means you get a beautiful deck that also helps protect your home. It’s made with materials that resist burning and can help shield against intense heat.

For those living in Mosman Park or any area at risk for fires, this is an excellent choice for safety-conscious homeowners who love to spend time outdoors.

Our Decking Accessories

Elevate your Mosman Park outdoor space with our diverse deck installation solutions. From initial to concluding clips, each fortified with dependable blackened screws, our options include locking clips for seamless self-drilling into metal and breaker board clips with robust features. For easy maintenance, consider our specially formulated Composite Timber Cleaner, ensuring a long-lasting, aesthetically pleasing appearance for your deck. Available in both 1-litre and 4-litre bottles, it’s a convenient solution to preserve the pristine allure of your new Mosman Park outdoor space.

Selection of Decking of Unique Designs and Colours

At Futurewood, we offer various composite decking options suitable for your style preferences. Whether you appreciate the timeless look of natural timber or seek a modern aesthetic, our composite timber products come in single or co-extrusion varieties, featuring up to 13 standard colours and custom choices. Explore our product range with our Colour Explorer tool to visualize how your selected finish will appear. With Futurewood’s versatile composite decking, creating a personalised deck that seamlessly aligns with your home’s style is straightforward and enjoyable. Whether you lean towards the classic allure of natural timber or desire a more contemporary expression, Futurewood provides the means to tailor your outdoor space to your unique taste and preferences.

Image of a composite deck boards featuring a white railing in Mosman Park

What Makes Futurewood Different

Futurewood stands out for its premium quality, environmental responsibility, and commitment to serving customers. Find out more about why we’re the top choice for composite decking in Mosman Park!

Premium Quality and Reliability

Perth Decking offers premium quality and reliable composite decking products. Our decking is made from a blend of recycled wood and plastic, providing a durable and long-lasting outdoor solution.

With a strong focus on environmental responsibility, our products are eco-friendly and low-maintenance, making them ideal for the Western Australian climate. We take pride in offering high-quality composite decking that is resistant to fading, stains, and other wear and tear, ensuring that your outdoor space looks great for years to come.

Commitment to environmental responsibility sets our products apart from traditional timber options available in Mosman Park. Decking installation experts recognise the reliability of Futurewood’s range of innovative co-extrusion decking with BAL 29 rating suitable for bushfire-prone areas.

Commitment to Environmental Responsibility

Futurewood’s commitment to environmental responsibility is evident through its use of recycled materials in manufacturing composite decking. This reduces the demand for new timber, helping to preserve natural forests while providing a sustainable alternative.

The company’s dedication to eco-friendly practices extends to its minimal waste production during the manufacturing process, further reducing its environmental impact.

Composite decking offers consumers an environmentally responsible option that doesn’t compromise on quality or durability. By choosing Futurewood’s composite decking, consumers contribute to the preservation of natural resources and promote sustainability without sacrificing performance or aesthetic appeal.

Locally-Owned and Serving Customers

When it comes to serving customers, we at Futurewood take pride in our commitment to providing top-notch service. As a locally-owned business in Perth, Western Australia, we understand the unique needs of our community when it comes to decking solutions.

Our team is dedicated to delivering exceptional customer service and support throughout the entire process, from product selection to installation. We strive to build strong relationships with our customers and ensure that their satisfaction is always our top priority.

At Futurewood, being locally-owned means that we are deeply embedded in the Perth community and are readily available for any assistance or inquiries regarding composite decking. Our focus on serving customers extends beyond just selling products; we aim to provide reliable expertise, guidance, and ongoing support for all your decking needs.

Image of two white chairs on a composite decking boards near a pool in Mosman Park

Our Decking Calculator

As a locally-owned company serving customers, we provide a user-friendly decking board calculator to assist you in planning and estimating your composite decking project. Here’s why our decking calculator is an essential tool for your decking project:

  1. Accurate Material Estimation: Our calculator provides precise measurements for the amount of composite decking boards and accessories needed based on the dimensions of your project area.
  2. Cost Projection: You can input the specific products you’re interested in, and the calculator will provide an estimated cost, helping you plan your budget effectively.
  3. Customisation Options: The calculator allows you to explore different design possibilities by adjusting variables such as board lengths, widths, and patterns for a tailored look.
  4. Waste Reduction: By accurately estimating materials, our decking calculator helps minimise wastage, ensuring cost-efficiency and environmental sustainability.
  5. Time-Saving Convenience: With instant results, the calculator streamlines the planning process, allowing you to make informed decisions swiftly.
  6. Professional Support: If you have any questions or need assistance with using the calculator, our team is readily available to provide guidance and support.

Interesting Details About Mosman Park – WA 6012

Nestled along the Swan River in Western Australia, Mosman Park seamlessly combines coastal charm with suburban tranquility. Its scenic foreshore, pristine beaches, and well-maintained parks offer a serene escape just a short distance from Perth. With a mix of historic and contemporary architecture, the suburb provides residents with an appealing residential landscape. Amenities such as local schools, shopping precincts, and recreational spaces contribute to a vibrant community atmosphere. Mosman Park’s strategic location, offering both river and ocean views, makes it a sought-after destination for those seeking a balanced and idyllic lifestyle in the greater Perth region.

Map of Mosman Park WA

Mosman Park Statistics

Coordinates: 32.016°S 115.762°E

Population: 9,169 (SAL 2021)

Established: 1890

Postcode: 6012

Area: 4.3 km2 (1.7 sq mi)

Location: 11 km (7 mi) SW of Perth CBD

LGA: Town of Mosman Park

State Electorate: Cottesloe

Federal Division: Curtin

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