Composite Decking
North Perth

Composite decking in North Perth is a smart choice for your outdoor space. It’s made from a mix of wood and plastic, making it strong and long-lasting. People love it because it doesn’t warp or rot like wood does.

More folks in North Perth are picking composite decking because they don’t have to worry about it getting damaged easily. Also, since Decking Perth installs it, you know the job will be done well.

It looks great and needs very little care so you can spend more time enjoying your deck instead of fixing it. Composite timber decking Perth comes with other big perks too – like being better for the planet than regular timber decks.

With help from experts at NexGEN Decking in North America, these boards use recycled stuff and never splinter. That means more peace of mind when kids and pets play outside.

Advantages of Composite Decking

Composite decking offers numerous advantages, including high durability and longevity, minimal maintenance required, resistance against fading and stains, and an eco-friendly solution compared to traditional timber.

With the rising cost of timber, composite decking provides a cost-effective alternative for North Perth homeowners and businesses.

High Cost of Timber

Timber prices are soaring. People looking for decking boards find that wood can really stretch the budget. It’s not just buying the timber; costs also come from staining, sealing, and fixing it when it gets damaged.

Plastic deck boards become a smart choice with their lower lifetime expense. They need less work to keep them looking great and they last much longer than traditional wood decks.

Wooden decks demand regular care year after year. This includes costly treatments to stop rotting, warping, and insect damage. With composite decking in North Perth, homeowners save money on maintenance and replacements over time.

These savings make the initial investment in composite materials well worth considering for any new deck project.

Unmatched Durability and Longevity

Composite decking stands tough against time. It’s built to last much longer than traditional timber, without the worry of warping or rotting. You can trust that your deck will hold up for years, even under harsh weather conditions.

Besides being strong, composite materials resist splintering and termite damage.

This type of decking needs very little care to keep its good looks. Unlike wood decks, you won’t have to stain or paint it year after year. Composite decking saves you time and work while keeping a beautiful outdoor space for decades.

Choose this durable option and enjoy your deck without the extra hassle.

Photo of a pool and a deck made of composite decking boards in North Perth

Minimal Maintenance Needed

Durability leads to another huge advantage: less work for you. Composite decking in North Perth means saying goodbye to tedious maintenance. Forget about sanding, staining, or sealing every year.

All you need is a simple clean now and then with soap and water. This decking resists mould and mildew too. So kick back on your deck without worry – it stays looking fresh with minimal effort!

Resilient Against Fading and Stains

Composite decking keeps its color and looks for years. It stands up to the bright sun without fading. Spills clean up easily, too, with no stubborn stains left behind. You won’t have to repaint or reseal it like you would with traditional timber decks.

Your deck will look as good as new even after lots of barbecues and outdoor parties. Kids can play without worrying about spills ruining the finish. Enjoy your beautiful outdoor space with less worry about wear and tear!

Eco-Friendly Decking Solution

Protecting your deck from fading and stains means less waste in the long run. An eco-friendly decking solution adds another layer of benefit, as it helps look after our planet. Manufacturers like NexGEN Decking Experts make their composite products out of recycled materials.

This reduces the need for new wood and cuts down on deforestation. With every plank, you’re not just getting a tough deck; you’re also helping to reduce landfill waste.

Choosing composite decking shows that you care about the environment. It never requires harsh chemicals for cleaning or maintenance, which keeps pollutants away from your home and out of waterways.

Plus, since these decks are built to last, they won’t need replacing for many years. You’ll save trees and protect nature without having to sacrifice style or comfort on your outdoor deck.

Our Range of Composite Decking Products

From BAL 29 rated decking to cutting-edge co-extrusion options, we offer a wide range of composite decking products suitable for any outdoor space. With an array of colours and styles available, you can find the perfect decking solution to enhance your home.

Image of deck with green fence and railing made of composite deck boards in North Perth

Bush Fire Attack Level (BAL) 29 Rated Decking

Our Bush Fire Attack Level 29 decking can handle tough conditions. It’s designed to resist the high heat and flames of bushfires. Your home stays safer during fire season with this strong choice. Made for areas at risk, it meets strict safety standards without sacrificing style or strength.

Next up is our cutting-edge co-extrusion decking, merging innovation with durability for your outdoor space.

Cutting-Edge Co-extrusion Decking

Moving from the safety-oriented features of BAL 29 rated decking, let’s explore the innovative world of co-extrusion decking. This advanced option sets itself apart with a shield that wraps around each board.

The protective layer means your deck resists stains, fades less, and stands up to harsh weather without breaking a sweat. You get all these benefits while still enjoying a natural wood look.

Co-extrusion technology also makes our composite decking tough against wear and tear. It won’t warp or rot like typical wood decks can over time. Plus, you don’t have to worry about nasties like mould or mildew creeping in.

It’s a smart choice for anyone wanting peace of mind along with an impeccable finish for their outdoor space.

Decking Accessories

In North Perth, we redefine your outdoor space with our diverse deck installation solutions. Choose from an array of clips, including starters, finishers, and regular deck clips featuring secure blackened screws. Elevate your deck’s integrity with our locking clips, perfect for self-drilling into metal, and breaker board clips with the same reliability. Preserve the allure of your deck with our specially formulated Composite Timber Cleaner – a safeguard for your investment. Crafted to ensure long-lasting appeal, this cleaner is available in both 1-litre and 4-litre bottles, promising enduring beauty for your new deck throughout the years.

A Spectrum of Decking Colours and Styles

Step into the world of Futurewood, where we bring forth a range of composite decking options designed for your distinct tastes, be it a preference for the warmth of natural timber or the sleekness of modern design. Our composite timber products are offered in both single and co-extrusion variations, boasting a palette of up to 13 standard colours and custom choices. Immerse yourself in our product range using the Colour Explorer tool to visualise how your chosen finish will grace your space. With Futurewood’s versatile composite decking, crafting a personalised deck that seamlessly complements your home’s style is effortlessly achievable.

Image of a balcony at North Perth made of composite decking boards

Why Futurewood is Your Top Choice

Futurewood is committed to providing high-quality and reliable composite decking products, with a focus on sustainability and an Australian-owned business. Interested in learning more? Keep reading to find out why Futurewood is the top choice for your decking needs!

High-Quality and Reliable Product Range

Our composite decking products at Futurewood in North Perth are designed to meet the highest standards of quality and reliability. The materials we use ensure that our decking is durable, long-lasting, and resistant to warping and rotting, making it a reliable choice for your outdoor space.

With a commitment to sustainability, our high-quality range offers low-maintenance options that will stand the test of time, providing you with peace of mind for years to come. Our Australian-owned company takes pride in offering eco-friendly solutions that cater to your decking needs.

The innovative product range at Futurewood boasts top-tier quality and reliability due to its dedication to sustainability and durability. Our composite decking ensures minimal maintenance while delivering long-lasting performance – an essential aspect of any outdoor area’s design.

Commitment to Sustainability

Futurewood is committed to sustainability, using recycled materials to manufacture our composite decking products. Our eco-friendly approach ensures that no trees are cut down for decking production, contributing to the preservation of natural resources and reducing environmental impact.

We take pride in offering a durable and low-maintenance alternative to traditional hardwood decking while maintaining an unwavering dedication to sustainable practices. With Futurewood’s commitment to sustainability, consumers can enjoy beautiful outdoor spaces without compromising the environment or the future of our planet.

Decking Calculator

Transitioning from our commitment to sustainability, we offer a convenient and user-friendly decking calculator that provides accurate estimates for your composite decking needs. Here’s what you need to know:

  1. Our decking calculator helps you determine the quantity of composite decking boards, accessories, and materials required for your specific project, ensuring minimal waste and cost-efficiency.
  2. It accounts for factors such as deck size, joist spacing, and any additional features like stairs or railing to provide a comprehensive overview of your decking requirements.
  3. The calculator takes into consideration the design layout and desired look of your deck, allowing you to explore various options and make informed decisions.
  4. By using this tool, users can confidently plan their decking project, knowing exactly what they need without overestimating or underestimating materials.
  5. It simplifies the process of budgeting and procurement by offering a clear breakdown of quantities needed for a successful composite decking installation.
  6. With its intuitive interface and precise calculations, the Futurewood decking calculator streamlines the planning phase, saving time and eliminating guesswork.
  7. Users can access this valuable resource on our website to kickstart their journey towards creating a stunning and sustainable outdoor living space.
A deck near the garden featuring composite decking boards in North Perth

Australian Owned

Transitioning from the convenient Decking Calculator to an essential consideration, it’s important to note that Futurewood is proudly Australian owned. As a consumer in North Perth, this means you’re supporting local business and industry expertise when you choose our composite decking products.

Our commitment to sustainability resonates with the values of Australian consumers, ensuring that our high-quality and reliable product range aligns with environmental consciousness and ethical sourcing practices.

With a focus on delivering durable and long-lasting alternatives to traditional hardwood decking materials, Futurewood stands as a trusted choice for consumers seeking eco-friendly solutions without compromising on quality or aesthetics.

North Perth Information – WA 6006

Nestled within the city of Perth, North Perth is a delightful suburb that perfectly balances urban living with local charm. Known for its tree-lined streets and diverse architecture, the area offers a mix of historic and contemporary residences. With trendy cafes, boutique shops, and parks, North Perth creates a welcoming atmosphere. Its proximity to the Perth CBD and easy access to public transportation make it a sought-after location, blending city convenience with suburban tranquility. This culturally diverse suburb fosters a strong sense of community pride, making North Perth an attractive destination for those seeking a vibrant living experience in Western Australia.

Map of North Perth WA

North Perth Statistics

Coordinates: 31.928°S 115.853°E

Population: 9,623 (SAL 2021)

Postcode: 6006

Area: 3.1 km2 (1.2 sq mi)

Location: 4 km (2 mi) N of the Perth CBD

LGA: City of Vincent

State Electorate: Perth

Federal Division: Perth

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Contact Futurewood now to explore our range of high-quality composite decking products, including Bush Fire Attack Level (BAL) 29 rated decking and cutting-edge co-extrusion decking.

Benefit from our commitment to sustainability and Australian ownership. Use the convenient decking calculator on our website to estimate your project’s requirements easily. Choose a durable, low-maintenance, eco-friendly option for your decking needs with Futurewood’s range in North Perth!