What’s Futurewood Really Made of?

If you’ve heard about Futurewood, chances are you did because you were looking for sustainable yet affordable materials to use for your DIY home improvement project.

By sustainable, we mean materials that last a long time as well as materials that are not depleting the planet of old growth rainforests plus they stay good-looking with minimal upkeep.

One of Futurewood’s goals is to help save our rainforests, something that we’re achieving with our range of eco friendly decking, fencing, cladding and garden edging products. Add to that our support of the World Wildlife Fund or WWF in protecting the future of the Orangutan and you have a company who not only cares for their clients but also their client’s future.

Futurewood composite products are made from recycled materials. These materials include wood waste like sawdust, post-industrial plastic waste and rice husks. So you see, aside from saving the trees in the rainforest, Futurewood also helps reduce the amount of garbage that goes to landfill sites.

This not only helps the environment but also everyone who pays taxes, including you, of course. Landfill sites are very expensive to manage and the government spends millions of dollars on them every year. This is money that could have been used to fund better health care services and better school programs.

One of the advantages of Futurewood’s wood plastic composite products is that they are remarkably easy to install. As soon as they’re delivered, they’re ready to use for all kinds of indoor and outdoor applications.

Unlike wood, you don’t have to stain, sand, oil or paint them to keep them looking great all year round. They’re resistant to white-ant and termite attacks and are specially formulated against mould and mildew. Washing them down with water and a strong detergent is just about the only maintenance you’ll need to do. Forget about splinters and sharp edges on your deck too.

Do you dread the coming winter months because of all the home improvement projects you have to finish? Get everything done quickly and easily with Futurewood’s eco friendly, high quality and attractive wood composite products. Put simply, they’re worth it!

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