If you’re considering maintenance work on your deck this summer, look to Futurewood’s composite decking boards – a cost-effective, low maintenance choice.

Summer’s arrived, and while the start of December may still spell the occasional cool breeze, come January you’ll be in the thick of Australia’s notorious, hot summer – and so will your property!

Carry out a maintenance check on your property

If you haven’t done so, spend some time evaluating the current state of your property. Timber is prone to warping and rotting over a period of time, and for those situated by the sea, shrinkage and movement in the timber may be an issue if you haven’t kept a watchful eye on it over the year.

Consider a composite alternative

If you’re considering carrying out maintenance on your timber, or perhaps replacing it in its entirety, Futurewood’s composite decking boards are a low-maintenance alternative.

Futurewood’s CleverDeck, 138mm wide solid WPC composite decking boards are available in five standard colours; Walnut, Slate Grey, Saltbush, Mahogany and Chocolate. Double sided with a sanded finish, the boards are designed with an indented grain pattern for a timber-like appearance, and the best part? While the composite decking boards are timber-like in appearance, they’re an economically sound alternative for the long-term: no oiling or finishing required.

Renovating your property can be a headache, Futurewood’s CleverDeck composite decking boards makes it easy by simply requiring far less maintenance than timber over the long-term. Plus, enjoy peace of mind with a 10-year warranty that protects against rotting and termite attacks.

For more information about Futurewood’s full composite range, including composite decking boards, call 1300 484 308 or email us at info@futurewood.com.au.

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