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Healthy Homes features Futurewood

On Healthy Homes TV, Walt and Dani are in Melbourne at a fantastic new build which has the real wow-factor in it’s suburban setting.

The team check out the affordable alternative to rainforest timber and build a huge deck

On healthy homes TV, Walt and Dani are in Melbourne at a fantastic new build which has the real wow-factor in it’s suburban setting…

Here’s what they had to say about Futurewood’s CleverDeck system.

Walt: Now, here on the show we are big fans of environmentally friendly products, and we’ve come across something that’s a bit of a game changer in the DIY world. Now, you can clad houses with this stuff, you can build decks with this stuff; make fences, and even use it as garden edging.

Dani; It’s called ‘Futurewood’ and it’s taking the world by storm. It looks and feels like a high grade, hardwood timber, but it’s actually a composite made from recycled materials, including plastic waste.

Walt: How good is it though? You can use plastic now, for things like that [points to composite] to make stuff out of it like this.

Dani: I know, it’s so good.

Walt: There have been several products on the market which kind of do the same thing. But for us, this is probably a winner. You know, it’s a great, affordable alternative to rainforest timber. Now, it doesn’t rot. You don’t have to stain it and oil it each year. And it’s really resistant to termites and other pests and things as well.

Dani: Hi Walt, how’s it going? So, you’re installing the Futurewood CleverDeck system, is that right?

Walt: Yeah it is, it’s quite a mouthful but it’s actually really easy to put in.

Dani: How’s it holding up?

Walt: Well, good. To be honest with you, the whole system is really easy to do. [Picks up single CleverDeck panel] This is a bit of a cross section of how it works. So, they’re engineered to just be like normal decking panels, really. And they have this very clever, NewTech clip, which just slots in the middle. And they go together like that, and you screw that bit into the joist. What that means is that, no where, across the whole of the decking system, are there any screws or nails that are visible or that can pop up as well. So, I really like it, it won’t rot. It’s all cut into uniform sizes, there’s a few different options available. And, one of the best things is as well, on a sunny day today, it’s really UV stable. So, despite the fact that it’s made from recycled plastic, and bits and pieces of wood, it’s not going to go brittle and crack, and fade, and you don’t have to stain it every year as well.

Dani: Do you know what I like about this actually, I’ve seen so many of those deck clip systems as well, and as you say, overtime they just pop up. So that whole idea of screwing that down in the center to keep it in place is really cool.

Walt: It’s perfect. Another thing too is that, this actually acts as a little spacer. So, as a little cheat, once they’re all down, they’re not going to go anywhere at all. Your spaces are perfect.

Dani: No random spacings anywhere.

Walt: No random spacings, yeah. It’s really good, so I’m just going to finish this off and we’re just about there.

Dani: Now, one of my favourite things about the Futurewood CleverDeck range are the colour options. There is literally a colour for every palette and aesthetic. So, I think it’s pretty fabulous and I bet you’re imagining what this system would look like in your place. Now, if you’re after something a little different though, Futurewood also have thee decktile systems.

Walt: They’re really, really good actually. The couple of colours they come in – they only come in two colours, not the full range like that, but you can put them together like this [indicates] or like that [positions tiles in different ways] basically, they’re designed for self draining concrete, so if you’ve got a nice patio, or balcony, or terrace, you can put these out there to get that natural wood look. Perfect if you’re renting.

Dani: Yeah, I was just going to say that. If you’ve got an apartment, you’ve always got a concrete balcony or something, so that’s a great idea.

Walt: yeah, you just take them when you go and these just sit on top of that and they connect together and interlock, really very straight forward and they’re low profile. I mean, if you have doors that open outwards, they’ll just sit nice and low – they won’t catch.

Dani: The team at Health Homes Australia think trees look pretty good in the rainforest, and that’s where they should stay. The Futurewood range is really good – I love it, I think it’s fantastic, and we picked it up from our local Masters store for today. So, you can head to the website,, there’s a whole bunch of ‘how to’ videos as well, if you’re after a little bit more information.

Walt: It’s definitely worth a look, and I found it really easy as well. I’m not a tradie, but the deck and the patio tiles are really good – I really like it.

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