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Futurewood has established a strong relationship with our manufacturing partners in China with a combined 10 years of research in the manufacturing of WPC products globally.

We currently have compiled a list of over 100 manufacturers of WPC products within China where we have — and continue to — visit, test and compared products from these manufacturers. You can be confident of the value that we can offer you in terms of our WPC supply.

There are 2 purchasing models that allow you to buy directly from our preferred partner factory:

1. Factory Direct

Factory Direct ModelThis model offers a factory direct price with an independent quality and service component. You place orders with our China Manager and we co-ordinate the manufacture of your order with the factory. The Futurewood personnel in China are responsible for the entire process of order placement through to manufacture and shipment ex. Shanghai port.

Features & Benefits

  • Low cost.
  • The ability to tap into expertise, buying power and a proven process and includes: negotiation for shorter lead times, product samples, testing, special packaging requirements, container loading and space utilization, priority shipping and quality assurance.
  • Our on-site Futurewood quality personnel will check your order to ensure that it meets all of the agreed criteria independently of the factory based QA personnel and systems.
  • This option provides you with one point of contact with the knowledge and capability to solve any problem that might come up in the day to day business arrangements and as you know even the best manufacturers in China have problems with their manufacturing process on occasion.

2. Exclusive Distribution Model

Exclusive Distribution ModelOur second model offers the Futurewood China personnel/support mentioned above as well as exclusive distribution in your territory/country and our international branding/experience as outlined below;

Features & Benefits

  • You will be able to link with Futurewood’s proven web site model with growing brand recognition and preferred searching status as well as all of the tools required of a premium WPC brand.
  • You have access to all of Futurewood’s marketing tools, brochures, photo library, test results, reports etc.
  • You have access to any innovation or any specific market intelligence that develops through the constant monitoring and updating of the Futurewood journal of WPC manufacturers in China and the option of visiting different WPC manufacturers and WPC exhibitions around China. This process provides us with a snap shot of the market, identifies any new facilities that can offer similar/better value and provides valuable feedback for our factory in terms of best manufacturing practices and new ideas.
  • You have access to a number of Futurewood proprietary designs and product ideas that will be made available to you in your chosen market as well as a continual stream of development ideas that are being tested for future commercialisation.
  • You have access to the proprietary Futurewood product formula using superior grade plastic and colour pigments as well as other unique components. All of our colours are tested in Australia under very harsh UV conditions to ensure that they meet our quality requirements.
  • You also have access to our Futurewood China Manager who can offer his services in relation to other products/factories, trade fairs, interpreting services and trip planning as well as generally overseeing the business in China.

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