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Composite & Co-Ex Timber – Central Coast NSW

Enjoy The Many Benefits Of Using Futurewood’s Composite Timber

Are you planning to improve the overall look of your residential or commercial property in NSW Central Coast? Are you planning to extend your living space outdoors by installing a deck? Do you wish to replace your cladding or perhaps put up a screen fence? If your answer to any of these questions is yes then you will obviously be looking for building materials such as timber. The conventional timber is almost always the first choice when it comes to  screen fencing, cladding, and decking. But rather than going for real wood, you now have to option to choose composite timber. Do you want to know what this is? Provided below are some good information about alternative timber products.

Why Choose Composite Timber Instead Of Traditional Timber

We cannot dismiss the fact that real wood has a lot of benefits to offer like cost effectiveness, practicality, and flexibility over a short period of time. But its disadvantages start to appear as time goes by. For example, it will require a significant amount of investment on your part if you wan to keep the great appearance, durability, as well as integrity of the wood. The money, of course, will be spent on the regular maintenance of the timber. On the other hand, you don’t have to worry about any of these if you go for composite timber instead of real wood. The former offers lots of advantages and among the most notable ones include the following: little to no upkeep required, ability to withstand rotting and warping, and a more sustainable alternative. These are only a handful of the explanations why there exist a much debate regarding the inclination of many people towards composite timber rather than traditional timber.

Discover Futurewood’s Excellent Offer

Composite timber is growing in popularity. Given that, many companies have propped up offering alternative timber products and one of the leading businesses is Futurewood. Our company aims to give all our clients top notch alternative timber products, which are not only visually appealing but also do not require any maintenance. Composite timber is like real wood and it is available to all those who are  in #suburb 1# and #suburb 2#.  Our products like #product 1#, #product 2#, and #product 3#  are sustainable plus, they are known for its better performance especially when used for screen fencing, cladding, and decking.

Our company has extensive experience and knowledge in this industry especially since we have worked with various kinds of companies in NSW Central Coast, big and small firms alike. We have continued to supply good quality products and deliver customer satisfaction with the help of our supply model, which we have improved over the years. The good news is, we have come up with a much better suupply model that lets us directly deal with your clients including those who are from #suburb 3#, #suburb 4#, and #suburb 5#. With our new model, we take our products and services up a notch by making sure that our premier composite timbers are delivered in a timely manner and all our customers get exceptional customer support.

Decking, Cladding, and Fencing: We’ve Got The Things You Need

As stated earlier, our goods are utilized for functions served by conventional timber such as decking, cladding, and screen option. Let’s know more of our decking options, which are really easy to set up, friendly to the environment, renewable, and provides awesome value. They are offered in the dimensions 138mmx23mmx5400mm and in various colors which include: mahogany, chocolate, saltbush, walnut, and slate grey. You can even pick from the solid decking board as well as eco-decking board. The former has an indented grain finish in one single side and an ordinary rough sanded finish on the opposite side. In the meantime, the latter simply features the rough sanded mahogany finish, and it doesn’t come with the indented grain. Our composite timber decking options also have a 10 year warranty for rotting and pest infestation.

Now why don’t we have a glimpse at our cladding as well as screen fencing options. Our composite timber screen fencing options can be utilized either vertically or horizontally. The alternative timber selections we provide likewise don’t need initial painting, and this can be a cash saver eventually with respect to the sort and scope of the project. That being said, our composite screen fencing can be purchased in boards which are 5.4 meter lengths, the 70mm wide x 15mm thick. They are additionally available in five distinct products colors such as chocolate, mahogany, saltbush, slate grey, as well as walnut. They don’t just resemble real wood but likewise works like conventional timber.

You may be asking yourself why it is best to select Futurewood for your composite timber requirements rather than other comparable providers. To start with, you’re going to be sure to get premium quality composite timber because we uphold stringent guidelines with regards to our production. Our team is likewise all set to help you with the needs you have, and offer you suggestions, and address all of your questions. We try to ensure that we supply the products on a timely manner and our clients get great customer service.