Co-Ex & Composite Timber – Northern Territory

An Overview Of Futurewood’s Composite Timber

Trees along with their byproducts have long been utilized for a variety of reasons by communities all over the globe for a long period of time. Modern-day building and construction of high rise structures as well as other frameworks through the use of traditional timber, entirely or partly, indicates a booming fascination in the opportunity of wood development at a magnitude that wasn’t conceivable in earlier times. Because wood is the sole indispensable building material that’s cultivated, many of those living in the Northern Territory have the tendency to believe that building in wood is environmentally friendly. But is this really the case?

Wood is admired for its natural beauty and resilience. But, our unquenchable construction requirements suggest forests are being cut down everywhere in the world. With these day’s increasing consciousness about the moral selection of real timber, a brand new market that focuses on alternative timber products has emerged. One of the businesses who concentrates on such kinds of traditional timber alternatives. If you are interested in learning more about recycled composite timber, be sure to check out Futurewood. We offer low maintenance and cost-effective alternative timber products to all those who are staying in the Northern Territory and nearby locations.

How Can Futurewood Help You?

All of us here at Futurewood recognize the great value of our trees. We understand their importance and the significant role that they play in the environment and mankind’s survival. We also realize that trees are needed in the construction industry. But we also know that trees should stay in their natural habitat, which is in the forest. Mankind should find effective alternatives if we want to end up having no trees at all. Because of all these, Futurewood came into existence. We’ve been operational since 2007 and we have supplied a wide range of composite timber products to regular homeowners and large-scale companies. A few of the businesses who used our products are Defence Housing WA, Hutchinson Builders, and Englehart Homes. Our company is focused on providing alternative products that can take on the role of real timber. A few of the products we offer are composite decking, weatherproof cladding, and customer products. Our various composite timber products do not only serve various purposes but also help in lessening the community’s dependence on traditional timber for their building needs. We follow a supply model that benefits all our clients from Katherine and McMinns Lagoon like making sure that they are provided with high-quality products, efficient delivery, and excellent customer service.

Why Use Recycled Composite Timber?

Here at Futurewood, we offer CleverDeck and EnviroSlat products, both possessing the look of real timber. But unlike their traditional counterpart, our composite timbers are more sustainable. They were made using recycled materials like rice husks, hardwood timber, as well as polyolefin. Meanwhile, the process of installing our alternative timber products is pretty straightforward. Apart from that, they are also cost-effective and requires little to almost no maintenance. They are available in standard lengths and can be purchased by those who are from Darwin, Alice Springs, and Palmerston. Another great benefit of using recycled composite timber is its longevity. Futurewood decking, fencing, and cladding products are known for their durability. They do not splinter or rot. Plus, they retain their color for a long time, which gives you good value for your money. You can choose from five different colors including walnut, chocolate, mahogany, saltbush, and slate grey. You will surely find one that will fit the current decor of your property.

CleverDeck Composite Decking: Enhance The Look Of Your Home

Are you living the Northern Territory? Are you among those who wish to transform the aesthetics of their property? Do you wish to create an additional living space in your garden through the addition of a deck? But there is one requirement – use an eco-friendly alternative to real timber. Fortunately, Futurewood is here to help. We offer CleverDeck composite decking, still a great alternative to traditional wood. It is available in five different colors. You may choose between composite timbers that come with an indented grain on one side and a coarse sanded finish on the other or opt for the CleverDeck composite decking eco-board. Unlike the former, the latter does not have a side with an indented grain. Rather, it comes with a rough sanded 86mm Mahogany finish that is 5.4 meters in length. Apart from that, the decking comes with a 10-year warranty against pest infestation and rot.

Alternatives To The Traditional Timber Used For Decking and Screen Fencing

Do you wish to improve the security of your property as well as its level of privacy while enhancing its visual aesthetics? If the answer is yes then you should check out Futurewood’s EnviroSlat screen fencing. Since it is made of recycled materials, there is no need for you to apply oil or paint. It is also not prone to rotting or cracking. Meanwhile, if you are planning to take on a timber cladding project but prefer to use environmentally friendly options, you should go with Futurewood’s EnviroSlat decorative cladding. They look a lot like timber and are available in different profiles and custom options. Just like all the other alternative timber products that we offer, our cladding composite timber does not require initial painting or oiling. It is also less likely susceptible to pest infestation and rot.

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