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Is Futurewood’s Composite Timber Worth The Investment?

Does your deck or screen fencing look old and ordinary? Do you wish to take on a new home or commercial building project that involve covering walls with timber cladding? Do you want to create a space in your backyard where you can relax with your family and friends? Do you want to put up a fence around your property to improve your security and privacy? If your answers to these questions are all yes then you have to be aware that selecting building materials can be confusing. Rainforest timber is one of the most favorite building material by both commercial and residential homeowners because of its visual aesthetics. This material is commonly used for screen fencing, decking, and cladding. Since traditional timber comes with many disadvantages, companies like Futurewood have come up with new products that address these shortcomings. These products are composite timber. Do you wish to know more? Provided below are some important details that you need to know.

Traditional Timber: Benefits & Drawbacks

Unlike what many people believe, the traditional timber has not always been the most affordable and practical building material. This point has been argued by many private owners and businesses in Brisbane and Sunshine Coast that have already used composite timber in lieu of conventional options like real wood. Let’s say that real timber looks remarkable and is versatile when used as building material. But it also has lots of disadvantages. First of all, you might have to spend quite a lot in the long run due to the cost that you have to pay to maintain it and avoid problems like rotting, cracking, and cupping. It may also be damaged by pest infestation plus, it will eventually look old in the long run. Another drawback is that we have to cut down countless trees to fulfill the building materials needed by today’s construction industry.

Composite Timber: The Best Alternative To Real Wood

All these disadvantages have given rise to the development of composite timber. This option is considered as the best alternative to traditional timber because of several reasons. First of all, composite timber requires low maintenance. There is no need for resealing, or repainting plus, fewer worries concerning rotting and pest infestation.

Since composite timber is made of recycled materials like rice husks and plastic from post-industrial waste, it means you are using building products that are environmentally friendly. There is no need to cut more trees, which has negatively affected our environment in general. You will also not be adding to the waste dumped in landfills and the like since as mentioned earlier, you will be using eco-friendly materials. You also don’t need to use chemical solutions to treat the wood so it will be protected from moisture, insects, varying weather conditions, and more.

Those who have used composite timber also delight in the fact that they get to enjoy great money savings eventually. The price of a composite timber is either the same or even much less then the price you need to pay for if you go for traditional timber. Plus, you don’t have to spend cash on maintaining them on a regular basis. It just needs some basic washing and cleaning. Despite not hire a cleaning company to take care of it, your composite timber will still look great.

Futurewood is one of the leading suppliers of alternative timber products in Queensland. We are dedicated to providing our customers with high-quality composite timber, which is a more sustainable alternative to rainforest timber. Our company has worked on countless projects, both big and small, in different areas including Cairns and Gold Coast. Our eco-friendly products including composite timber decking, weatherproof composite cladding, and composite screen fencing are widely sought after by those whose projects involve cladding decking and screen fencing projects.  Our alternative timber products have improved performance in certain building applications.

Futurewood has also worked with businesses like Constructions, CCG Architects, Quality Builders and supplied them with our composite timber for their construction projects. We are also proud to say that we continue to gain new customers and retain loyal clients with the help of our supply model, which we have tried to improve over the years. Because of this, we are able to provide high-quality products, excellent customer services, and timely delivery to all our clients in Townsville, Toowoomba, Mackay and other nearby locations.

If you are planning to take on a project that involves the use of timber, make sure to consider Futurewood’s alternative timber products. Call us now and we will answer all of your questions.