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Whether you’re dealing with an unsightly screen or an outdated picket fence that can’t handle the Australian weather, composite timber screen fencing is an easy, practical, and aesthetic way to update your style and maintain your privacy.

Screen fencing can also be repurposed around your property to decorate glass panels, pool fencing, or garden walls. Your fencing options are virtually endless!

Install low-maintenance screening today and elevate the look of your property with Futurewood EnviroSlat screen fencing.

Explore Screen Fencing

Check out the colour explorer options and how they look on different screens and batten projects via our Colour Explorer tool below.

High-Quality Composite Timber Screen Fencing

Screening comes in many forms from a front or side fence to a privacy screen or just to decorate a wall, an area within your garden or the front gate. All you need is a basic frame, or a solid wall and you can fix your screening slats in a pattern that suits your required look or function. Not happy with your front fence? Consider using high quality, low maintenance, composite timber screening to completely change the look of your fence, wall, garden or gate.

Composite timber screening used as a fence has many benefits as the low maintenance nature of the screening slat means that you do not need to oil or paint it unlike timber picket fences.

Composite timber screening can also be used to improve your privacy by increasing the height of a side fence or at the end of your deck so that you do not look into your neighbour’s backyard. If you are increasing the height of your fence you may need to check with your local authority regarding any regulations and you will need to consider the existing framing and reinforce this because of extra wind load and weight if necessary.

Would you like to change the look of your pool fence? Composite timber screening can help and the closer together that you fix the slats the more privacy that you will enjoy but you have to make sure that any changes to your pool fence meet all local safety rules.

So you can easily attach screen fencing to your property as a screen or a fence. You can use the screening slat on the garden wall, or the front of the house, to improve the look of the gates, or the pool fence, etc. But remember, you need to check with any relevant authorities regarding local regulations and safety standards and you need to build accordingly and following the fixing guidelines.

Screen fencing offers many benefits and is the perfect screening option for any Australian who needs easy, low-maintenance screens that’ll offer more privacy and improved security and great looks.

If you choose to add decorative privacy screening on the interior or exterior of your fence, it shouldn’t require you to remove the fence boundary, which can be a big problem if you are sharing a property line fence and having trouble keeping the pets safe.

Last, but certainly not least, Futurewood EnviroSlat screen fencing is robust, even by Australian UV standards. Our screen fencing comfortably withstands even the most extreme weather.

With EnviroSlat, you can enjoy durable screen fencing without sacrificing your style or your budget.

Which Screen Fencing Suits Your Property?

We offer two types of EnviroSlat Screen Fencing, including the Single Extrusion and Xtreme Co-Extrusion range. Compare the products below.

40mm wide x 30mm thick x 5400mm long screening board

60mm wide x 40mm thick x 5400mm long screening board

70mm wide x 15mm thick x 5400mm long screening board

90mm wide x 40mm thick x 5400mm long screening board

EnviroSlat solid WPC single extrusion composite timber screening/fencing is stocked in up to 6 standard colours: Black Bean, Mahogany, Midnight, Slate Grey, Walnut and Weathered Stone.
Another 9 custom colours are available subject to order quantity – lead times apply. These colours are also available in our CleverDeck Original range of composite timber decking.

All boards have a coarse sanded finish on all 4 sides. The boards do not need painting or oiling. And unlike timber or other home improvement products, the fencing will not cup, split, rot, or crack.

Note: EnviroSlat Composite Timber Screening/fencing boards will weather over the first 4-12 weeks that your screen or fence is exposed to the elements. The comparison colours shown will vary based on the quality of the screen and the settings that you are viewing them on and is a representation only. Actual colour samples are available on request.

Custom Screening Options

You can purchase EnviroSlat in custom lengths and up to 15 colour options in the stock profile range plus a large range of different profiles from 57mm x 32mm to 200mm x 50mm.
Custom orders take between 9-13 weeks to supply and require a minimum order quantity and a 50% deposit with your order.

For larger commercial projects, Futurewood can also work with you on your own custom-made design.
We can make custom dies (tooling) within 30 days of the drawings being signed off. Tooling costs can be amortised across the project or paid for upfront.

Call or email Futurewood today to discuss your special project requirements and let’s see if we can help you create something unique!

EnviroSlat Screen Fencing & Decorative Cladding

You’ll be the envy of your neighbours when they discover that your beautiful EnviroSlat fencing is not made of timber.

Unlike timber or some other home improvement products, the fencing will not cup, split, rot, or crack.

EnviroSlat decorative cladding is made from composite timber and pre-finished with the colour running right through the product. There is no need to worry about initial painting or oiling – and no yearly touch up needed either!

EnviroSlat Decorative Cladding can be fixed horizontally or vertically over an existing wall to create a stunning screen. It is normally fixed by screwing through the face of the board, however, thicker profiles can be rear-fixed.

There is also the option of a concealed fix using a 10mm composite timber plug that is inserted over the top of the recessed screw.

Effective & Aesthetic Screening Solution

Easy to Install

EnviroSlat screen fencing can be a quick and easy install in your garden. If you are a serious DIY enthusiast, you can look at our screen fence construction animation and our fixing guide and then get right to it!

Composite timber screening boards are just as easy to work with as timber so you can use normal wood working tools. You can easily screw, saw, plane or rout the material. Just make sure that you read the instructions and ask any questions that you need to before you start your project.

EnviroSlat offers a variety of shapes and offers custom sizes, from slats to boards or battens there is a profile to fit almost every scenario.

You can install them either vertically or horizontally and adjust the spacing between the panels to suit your needs, style or privacy requirements.


Upgrading your home or garden exterior with EnviroSlat is a cost-effective solution. Composite materials are very affordable, making them a popular alternative to traditional timber.

From the flexibility of the design to the purchase then the install and the minimal ongoing maintenance, EnviroSlat is one of the most cost-effective and accessible screening options available.

Low Maintenance

Screens made from timber are notoriously high maintenance. This is only made worse by the local climate with extreme weather that wears through traditional wood fencing. Have you ever tried to sand down a traditional timber screen fence or even re-paint one? Getting into all of the tight spaces and making sure the paint does not run out onto the garden or the foot path can be a nightmare!

Composite screen fencing is a low-maintenance alternative to traditional hardwood timber screens. The value of composite timber screening is easily superior to timber screening when maintenance is considered.

It’s made from recycled materials, so it’s virtually maintenance-free. You don’t need to oil or paint your screening, and it won’t rot, cut, or split.

Natural Timber Look

EnviroSlat offers privacy screening that fits every aesthetic and looks like natural wood. So you can still enjoy the beautiful timber look without the hefty cost or maintenance hassles!

We offer 6 standard screen colours (Black Bean, Mahogany, Midnight, Slate Grey, Walnut, and Weathered Stone) and 9 custom colours.

Colour samples are readily available so you can compare them at your home and in the garden and see what works best in your environment and in different lights.

EnviroSlat stock colours

Composite Screening boards all colours
Composite Screening boards all colours
Composite Screening boards all colours

Tools & Resources

EnviroSlat Screen Fencing Fixing Guidelines

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EnviroSlat Screen Fencing Product Brochure

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Create A Stylish Outdoor Space Today With EnviroSlat Screen Fencing & Cladding

EnviroSlat screen fencing and cladding is an affordable, high-quality, and stylish decorative screen fencing solution or a decorative cladding solution for all your privacy, security, and design needs.

If you’re ready to create a stylish outdoor space, get in touch with Futurewood. We have everything you need from outdoor decking to screen fencing and cladding to create your dream space. Check out our range of high-quality products today!