EnviroSlat Fences… No barrier to style and strength

A fence protects your privacy, but can also be a statement of style and a great example of environmental friendly building practices.

If you want your fence to offer contemporary style and durability in addition to privacy, Enviroslat is the perfect solution.

EnviroSlat is to fences what CleverDeck is to decking. Just as our timber alternative revolutionised decking extensions to houses and poolside surrounds around the nation, it can do likewise to the boundaries of your property.

Installation couldn’t be easier with EnviroSlat. Each length comes in a standard size – 5.4 metres – and is designed to attach easily to Futurewood fence posts. The posts have a ‘U’ channel into which you can simply slide the individual slats into before fixing. The fix is concealed within the channel, giving your fence a smooth, uninterrupted finish.

But a fence is more than just a barrier for privacy. It can also be an expression of style. EnviroSlat comes in five contemporary but natural colour options. Choose between mahogany, walnut, chocolate, slate grey and Weatherstone. One of these is sure to complement your property and the surrounding landscape.

Similarly, the satin black fence posts are a slick and stylish accompaniment to the Futurewood range of colours and give your fence a modern, urban edge.

Outdoors and exposed to the elements, fences need to be durable and hard wearing. EnviroSlat is largely impervious to rain, as it is rot resistant and has a low water absorption rate. It will also retain its structural integrity over the seasons and years and won’t warp, twist or cup in the elements.

Each length of EnviroSlat comes fully finished, so there is almost nothing in the way of maintenance for you to do following installation. You won’t need to treat, stain or paint a Futurewood fence as you would the timber equivalent, and a quick wash every now and then is all the upkeep required.

There’s no longer any reason to compromise on style and practicality for the sake of privacy. EnviroSlat combine all these elements and, as with all Futurewood products, is as friendly to the environment as it is on the eye.

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