Garden Fence Ideas

Choosing The Best Garden Fence Ideas For Your Property

When you are planning your new garden, fencing might not be the first things that come to mind especially when you are on the diy route. You are most probably more concerned about the finding top quality materials, the best landscaping designs, the most suitable flowers, plants, and other decorative features you can add to make your outdoor space more beautiful. But always remember that garden fencing, no matter how simple, must always be part of your priority list. Don’t ignore it..

First of all, if you build a garden fence, particularly those incorporated with high privacy fence ideas, you will have a way to prevent uninvited visitors from getting into your house. It also keeps your plants safe. A garden fence is a practical tool that can define the boundaries of your backyard. It can likewise serve as an artistic statement when it serves as the standard statement for your personal preferences and style. In line with that, let us talk about the three basic fencing methods. These are the open, solid, as well as the living. Provided below is a brief guide to a few good garden fence ideas that will not only secure your property and keep in private but also make your outdoor space look more attractive and presentable. Read on.

Open Garden Fencing

One famous garden fence ideas are the open garden fencing. As its name suggests, this type of fence is open or see through. If you are one of those who wishes to see beyond their garden, then this type of fence option is perfect for you. An open fence can be made in such a way that it defines or frames a garden space. It can also be a secure structure that can keep those small and pesky critters away. You will find an open fencing strategy that will meet your needs and preferences.

Field and Horse Fencing

If you check online, field and horse fencing is one of the most common garden fence ideas. It does not matter what you call it, this type of garden fence involves the use of products that are made of woven wire squares of at least four inches. These materials typically used for projects that define the borders of land, front yards, gardens, and livestock pastures. Meanwhile, a horse fencing can be constructed out of woven or welded wire that’s formed into vertical rectangles that are too tiny for a horse hoof to slip through.

Cattle Panels

Another garden fence idea that you can build is the cattle panel. It is comprised of welded metals that span the height of as high as 16 feet. These pieces of metal will not bend or stretch. They are set into a wood frame and if properly installed can last for a very long time. However, it can be a bit expensive especially if you have a large site to fence.

Chain Link Fences

Chain Link Fences are one of the most popular garden fence ideas. Although many people think that they look unappealing, this type of fence is extremely useful. You can actually improve their looks by covering them with climbing plants to make it look like a pretty wall.

Picket Fence

If you want your yard to have that fancy cottage appeal then you should build a picket fence. You can search online for some inspiration. The classic ones that many homeowners install have white paint but you can choose other shades for a more modern appeal. You can also hire a professional service to help in building a picket fence for your gardening area or perhaps your entire property.

Solid Wood Fence

This type of wood fences is ideal for keeping unwanted critters from munching on the plants and flowers in your garden. It can also act as an excellent base for vertical plant supports like wooden trellises or ornamental shrubs.

Other Important Tips

If you are wondering how long it will take to put up a fence board that’s made of natural wood or the product of your choice, the answer is that it will depend on the ground conditions. When you are installing a fence, most of the time will be spent digging holes for the fence posts. You can put up about eight panels within 8 hours if the ground is easy to dig.

Now, what if the panels are damaged by a storm? You have the option to repair it or place the affected boards. Finally, should you treat your fence with preservatives? Experts recommend for homeowners to look for panels that have already been tanalized. It is a treatment method that involves placing the wood plank in a huge tank. A specific preservative is then forced into the boards under pressure.

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