Using EnviroSlat Fencing to make a 2700mm x1800mm fence

Have you been looking for a way to replace that sagging fence without having to hire an expensive professional, or breaking your back trying to build it yourself?

Futurewood may just have a solution for you; our EnviroSlat fencing is easy to install for anyone with basic DIY skills, and is a worthwhile investment as it lasts longer than timber and most other building materials, needs minimal upkeep, is termite resistant and best of all, is fast and simple to build!

EnviroSlat screen fencing can be installed in several ways, but one popular method of installation for the home handyman utilises the powder coated aluminium posts and U-channels with EnviroSlat fence slats to make a screen fence. In this example the screen fence is 2700mm wide so that you can cut the 5400mm long EnviroSlat board in 2 and have no waste. Mark out your fence line and dig 4 holes at 900mm centres that are 600mm deep x 250mm diameter.

Use a 50mm square fence post with a U channel screwed to it for the 2 outside posts and a 30mm square post for the 2 inside posts. Place the posts in the holes and make sure the stabilising pins are facing at 90 degrees to the direction of the screen for added stability. Then pour concrete around the fence posts making sure that they are level and in line etc. and that they are all at the same height of 1800mm (the 2 inside 30mm posts need to be set back 15mm (the thickness of the EnviroSlat board) so that the EnviroSlat boards will remain straight between the posts and the U channel. Next work out what spacing you prefer between boards, if you leave a gap of 16.5 mm between each board you will require 21 boards in total to cover the 1800mm height of your screen fence.

You can have a smaller or larger gap between each board and once you determine what spacing you prefer between each slat you should make up a spacer and work out how many boards you will need to cover the 1800mm height of your screen. Once the concrete has set you can pre-drill the back of the U Channels using the line marked in the U channel as a guide to line up the screws vertically at the agreed spacing allowing 1 screw in the middle of each board. Make sure you are using stainless steel screws or brass screws because of the longevity of the boards, cutting corners with cheap fixings means the slats will outlast the screws.

You will also need 2 different screws a 10g x 15mm Pan head screw for fixing through the U channel and a 10g x 25mm Countersunk screw for fixing through the EnviroSlat.  Now you can cut the EnviroSlat boards to 2700mm and place them in the U channels and behind the 2 x 30mm intermediate posts then simply screw the slats into place at each end through the back of the U channel, starting with the top one and working down. Once the slats are fixed at each end you can pre drill the board and screw through the front of each board in to the intermediate fence posts. That’s it. Probably the longest stage of putting up the fence will be waiting for the concrete to set!

It is an easy and attractive screen fencing option that suits nearly all types of homes from modern to traditional. The best part is that once the simple construction is done, there is minimal maintenance needed, and the fence will retain its good looks and sturdy construction for years. EnviroSlat fencing is a simple DIY fencing system with the added benefit of being fantastic for the environment as well. If you’re looking for a smart way to solve your fencing problems, give Futurewood a call and see how we can help.

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