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The Many Benefits Of Slat Fencing


If you are looking to buy new fences to install around your house, there are many different styles you can choose from. Although some homeowners opt for chain link fencing, there are also those who prefer metal or timber as their fence materials.

You need to consider the installation of vertical slat fencing around your garden and your house. This kind of fence offers several benefits. Some of these are provided below:

Durability – slat fencing is extremely robust and it has high endurance to trauma. There are instances when people knock against their fence accidentally as they are walking along the pavement or perhaps the fence gets hit by a ball while kids are playing.

Ease To Fix – When your vertical slat fencing gets chipped or broken, the last thing you want to deal with is to have them repaired at a very expensive price. The good news is that these slat products can be replaced or mended at a price you can afford. In case you need to replace the boards, the fence will be a strong as it was before. Just be sure to regularly check your vertical slat fencing for signs of damage and address the issue right away.

Visual Aesthetics – If you are purchasing a new vertical slat fencing from Futurewood or any other provider, be sure to think about how good your fence is going to look to the onlookers and to potential buyers in the event that you decide to sell your home. You can never go wrong with a vertical slat fencing. It will improve the visual aesthetics of home exterior and even help boost your property value.

What About Horizontal Fences?

Over the past years, you might have noticed the rise in popularity of horizontal slat fencing in many homes all over the country. Some of them are made of wood or composite while others are made of PVC or aluminium. Horizontal slat fence looks more modern to some people compared to the conventional vertical slat fence. However, if you install a horizontal slat fence, there are a few challenges that you have to deal with.

Board Sizing – complicated designs associated with a horizontal slat fence usually needs repetitive utilization of a table saw to cut the lumber you need lengthwise. Don’t forget to review safety practices whenever you are using a table saw. Always remember that it remains as one of the most dangerous carpentry tools. But you have another option in case you wish to save time and money and that is to work within a typical lumber sizing.

Warping and Cupping

A conventional fence is built with rails that have an average space of 5 feet and 7 feet to 8 feet for the fence posts. With this kind of installation, the fence boards spans at about 5 feet which prevents warping and cupping.

Easy Installation

Horizontal fence slats, being a contemporary option, should be fastener free. To put it simply, a horizontal slat fence does not have any visible screws.

Why Use Timber?

People install fences for various reasons like security, privacy, to keep animals in or out, and give their kids a safe place to Play. If you are looking for the best material, there is no substitute that can match the look and feel of real timber. You will find various kinds of timber fencing at Futurewood. Finding one that suits your needs won’t be difficult.

Always remember that every local council has their own set of rules and regulations when it comes to slat fence installation. They usually impose strict guidelines about the permitted gap between the slats on the fences especially when it is going to be installed at the front of a property. So, don’t forget to check with your local council before you start digging holes for your fence posts.

For additional details about vertical slat fencing or horizontal slat fencing, please contact Futurewood right away.