Wood Fence Designs

All You Need To Know About Wood Fence Designs

Wooden fences have long been the top choice among homeowners when it comes to ideas related to diy home and garden improvement projects. Wood fence design can differ considerably from a typical board fence to a style that features complex and detailed carpentry. There are several reasons why natural wood is one of the perfect materials for your new fencing project. These include visual aesthetics, affordability, durability, and many more. If your search is over and you have decided to use wood, the next thing you have to do is determine the best wood fence design that is most suitable for your house.

Whatever your reasons are why you want to build or create a wooden picket fence with a gate in your property, you have to consider some important details. Accordingly, these can assist you in making your home improvement project successful and economical. Here are some factors you have to take into account.

Concentrate On The Form And Function

There is something you can do if you are finding it difficult to pick out which option is will meet your needs and personal preferences. You will eventually find the one that would best serve its intended purpose. Be sure to choose a design that complements the overall appearance of your landscape and outdoor living space. If you are focusing more on practicality and less on the decorative properties of the material, you need to go for designs that can provide your property with additional security, privacy and functionality. If necessary, you may even introduce a few additional features to improve its durability and usability.  Some good examples of wood fence patterns include wood fence pickets and split rail wooden fences, horizontal and vertical wooden fences, because they can improve your property’s aesthetics and functionality.

Identify Your Needs

In case you would like to find the correct wood fence patterns for your fencing installation project, you have to identify your needs. This holds true greater weight if you have some special needs that have to be met. For example, are you looking to keep other animals from getting inside your property? Are you searching for wood fence designs that can help reduce noise or perhaps improve the visual aesthetics of your home? You will find several styles out there so be sure to check wood fence colors pictures and images for some beautiful fence ideas, too. Just make sure that you find the right supplier like Futurewood that can provide you with the products you need.

Wood Fence Design Options

The most common solution that looks great on both sides, you and your neighbor, is the traditional board on board solution or shadowbox. This type has an open design which encourages better air circulation, which also increases the life expectancy of the fence and keeps your yard much more comfortable. However, if privacy is much more important for you, then this might not be the best option because it let others get a glimpse of your front yard or from the right angle.

The shadow fence is just a bit costlier than a style referred to as a solid do ear fence. It utilizes a few more panels but is a bit more complicated to build. It has a unique design that makes it a neighbor friendly fence because the boards or panels of this fence style do not have a face or a backside. They all look the same on both sides.  The most common wood fence is cedar because of its high resistance to decomposition. You will find a range of cedar options based on your location. Another great option is treated pine for your backyard wood fences.

Let us now talk about maintenance. There are many ways to make your wooden fence last longer. Needless to say, you have to go with a wood fence type that has proven itself to be very durable even when left outdoors for a long time. Be sure to choose the best wood grade that your budget allows. Keep in mind that it is better to choose a clearer wood. Instead of wooden posts, it is better to use steel because of its durability and ability to offer stronger support. You can also install the privacy fence in a way that the wood does not touch the ground because this will lower the risk of moisture problems like splitting, warping, and rotting. You can also search for alternative building materials like vinyl or pvc, and composites. All these are great options for installing fences with gates in your residential or commercial property.

If you want to know more about the various fence designs available, please call Futurewood now. You can also contact or reach out to us via email or phone. Our team is always ready to assist you in finding the best product for your fencing or decking project.