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Everything About Wood Fence Pickets


Classics are the classics because of many reasons. This also applies to select the best material for your fence project. Most homeowners opt for wooden fence pickets. This may be due to its cost-effectiveness or the many different wood fence designs that are available in the market. If you are having doubts, here are a few reasons to convince you that wood fence pickets are the best choice.

Wood Fence Pickets Are Affordable

Among the top reasons why many homeowners prefer the installation of a wood fence is the price. If you compare it to vinyl fencing, installing a wooden fence will cost you a third less to set up. Although wooden fences may need more upkeep compared to other types, they can last for a very long time with routine upkeep.

Wood Fence Offers A Unique Natural Beauty

Wood fence pickets possess unmatched natural beauty which attracts the attention of several homeowners. Top quality wood, perfect stain, as well as the professional construction will provide you with a stunning wooden fence that won’t just add security and privacy to your property but also improve the beauty of your home. As a matter of fact, wood fence installation offers many different customization options that let you completely personalize the wood fence to your heart’s content. Whether you go for a much more ornate or perhaps a simple design, you can create a design that matches your personality and that could likewise add to your home’s overall value.

Wood Fence Is A Green Option

If you compare a wood picket fence to a chain or vinyl link fence, a wood fence is an option that is more eco-friendly. You can install a wood fence that is made of recycled wood, instead of new wood materials. Additionally, in case your fence requires repair or replacement, the old material from your wood fence can be recycled and transformed into the different project instead of sending them to the landfill.

Wood Fence Is Durable

When you are looking for wooden fence materials that last for a long time, you have to go for those that are known in the industry for their high resistance to rot, decay, and pest infestation. You will also find wood materials that can resist shrinking, warping, and swelling.

Wood Fence Usually Has A Warranty

A reputable company that sells top quality products will always back them with a warranty. Search for a company that offers at least six months of warranty on their work. Obviously, quality work is performed in accordance with industry standards. It is important to go with a company like Futurewood that offers a guarantee against defects in the workmanship or materials. Talk to a sales associate who is knowledgeable about the terms and conditions of their company’s warranty policy before you make any purchase.

Wood Fence Can Be Customized

Futurewood offers top quality wood material that you can customize according to your preference. They provide a range of wood fence designs that you can customize according to your needs. A company that only has one kind of wood fence or can’t customize the fence to your liking most likely does not have skilled carpenters necessary for the top quality work. Search for a company that provides a variety of options.

You should also talk to an expert who knows a lot about wooden fences and ask help in finding the best type that suits your property. For instance, what wooden fence is best if your yard has a steep slope. Talk to representatives who are willing to listen to you, answer your questions, address your concerns, and work with you to come up with a solution that will meet your needs.

If you want to know more about wood fence pickets, please contact Futurewood right away.