Wooden Fence Slats

Advantages Of Using Wooden Fence Slats

Wooden fence slats are common products used when you want to build a boundary or a garden or property. Aside from screens and wood, which is used from decking, fence slats are also available in other options. The contents of these product may include plastic, aluminium, steel, and metal material. They are commonly installed vertically but horizontal slat fence is also gaining popularity. The boards are spaced evenly when installed, making it visually appealing when viewed from afar especially when it is installed with matching fencing gates. Although there are several other fencing styles and design available in the market today, wooden fence slats offer a range of benefits and a few of them are listed below.

Uniformity – When wooden fence slats are built vertically or horizontally, your landscape yard will have a uniform look. Since very slat is spaced evenly, it helps give your yard an organized and appealing look while improving its security

Safety – When your wooden fence slats are installed a few inches apart, it is very safe for both your kids and your pets. Some fences have enough space between the links which runs the risk of your animals or your kids’ head getting caught up in between. However, this won’t be a problem with wooden fence slats just like fence screening because of their even spacing. You can make this project more effective by building fencing gates as well.

Privacy – Since fence slats are spaced on a few inches in between, the view from behind it is not that visible. It will be hard for onlookers to see what is inside your property. Because of this, fence slats are commonly installed in close to areas that require high level of privacy like a hot tub or a pool. It’s no wonder that its construction is popular among homeowners who are seeking to create a more secure and private outdoor living area.

Easy To Replace – If you choose slatted fence designs, you will realize that they are styled in such a way that you will find it easy to replace it. You don’t have to change the entire section, all that needs to be changed are the damaged boards. In most cases, fence slats are installed using nails or screws at the top or bottom part of the stiles. If one board is damaged, the best thing to do is replace that one board, not the entire fence.

Easy To Paint – wooden fence slats and the gate will require some level of regular maintenance, including painting. You can use a brush or a spray to do this. You also have the option to customize the shade of each fence slat according to your preference.

Perfect For Hedges and Plants – Natural wooden fence slats are ideal for growing hedges and plants. This type of traditional timber fence help encourage better airflow compared to solid fence. You have to groom the hedges and flowers so they don’t grow outside your wooden slat fencing. Different flowers will enjoy many advantages to this kind of fence because they will provide a stable support with proper air circulation.

Customizable – The long wooden fence slats allows you to customize the look, colour, finish, size, and height of your fence compared to other designs like a chain link. For instance, you have the option to install it as a vertical slat fence or as a horizontal slat fence either on your front or back yard.

Know The Installation Rules

If you are going on the DIY route, there are many things you have to know apart from the materials you have to use. You need to know the special fencing rules that apply to your suburb and the conditions in your area. You need to check with your local council if they have a preferred height, design, or colour for the fence panels. In this light, you will be able to save a lot of time and money. Keep in mind that one council may have a set of laws that are different from the others. For instance, the required fence height in one suburb might be different from the others. The required slat gap spacing may also be different from council to another. You should also know that there are different requirements for wooden fence slats that will be installed near corner blocks, pools, or for your entire house.

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