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Super Easy Garden Edging and Fencing with Futurewood

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Do you love working with your hands? Do you find it relaxing working in/on your garden? Many of our customers that are gardening enthusiasts were big fans of timber for their garden edging and fencing. That is until they came across EnviroSlat and EnviroFence.

You can enjoy an extensive range of benefits by choosing Futurewood’s’ EnviroSlat/EnviroFence over timber products. Our composite slats look identical on both sides, and the structure of our EnviroFence product means that the fence frame also looks the same on both sides of the fence. The lack of beams on either side means your neighbours get to enjoy the same great aesthetics that you do. Because our composite products need very little upkeep, after you finish building your fence or garden edge, you won’t need to worry about painting and oiling, leaving you with time on your hands to do the things you enjoy!

composite-fencingWhen it comes to Garden Edging, Futurewood’s composite EnviroSlat edging is the way to go as it looks great and is flexible enough to fit into any shape garden bed. In addition to this, EnviroSlat garden edging is mould and rot resistant so you won’t have to replace it nearly as often as traditional timber garden edging.

It’s hard to look past Futurewood and the proven durability of our products. They’re economical and very easy to install. What’s greater is that they are rot and termite resistant and won’t crack or warp, so you can forget about the yearly maintenance costs associated with conventional timber fence supplies. Save your money for something enjoyable.

Check out the features and benefits of EnviroSlat and EnviroFence and call us on 1300 484 308 if you need further information.


Alternative Fencing EnviroSlat fencing and screening slats are designed around great value for money, easy installation, superior looks, proven sustainability and low maintenance.

Decking & Cladding CleverDeck, great value, easy to install, environmentally sustainable and virtually maintenance free decking.

Decorative Landscaping Futurewood is currently developing a number of innovative landscaping products using recycled wood composite materials.

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