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The look and feel of timber – lasting alternatives for your family home

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Where once timber was a reliable choice for property owners looking to build or renovate property, more people – contractors, builders and home owners alike, are looking for alternatives to timber cladding, fencing, and decking that won’t break the bank or require endless hours of maintenance.

Why seek an alternative to timber cladding, fencing or decking?
For many people the harsh weather conditions that are a natural part of the Australian climate make choosing a low maintenance timber alternative made from wood plastic composite material a much more cost effective option. Additionally, composite alternatives such as Futurewood’s EnviroSlat Weatherproof cladding, decking and fencing are termite and rot resistant, potentially saving you thousands in the long term.

As aesthetically pleasing as timber
Sure, timber is a gorgeous material – it’s nature after all! But an alternative such as Futurewood’s timber-look composite cladding, made from a combination of recycled materials such as sawdust, rice husks and industrial plastic waste, offers the perfect design alternative to timber.

And whilst timber may be rich in appearance, it’s alternatives such as Futurewood’s full wood plastic composite product range that are gaining the upper hand…

Made to last
Wood Plastic composite cladding, decking and fencing alternatives last for the long term. The cost and time associated with maintaining timber – as gorgeous as it may be, is difficult to sustain as time goes on. With timber requiring at least an annual maintenance check and a likely oil or stain to keep it looking good, it begs the question – is it worth it for those who are responsible for the cost of up keep? With composite materials such as Futurewood’s EnviroSlat Weatherproof Cladding emerging on the market, the answer is no.

Low upkeep costs are just one of the many advantages composite timber offers over traditional timber. In Australia’s notoriously harsh weather, composite alternatives take the hassle out of ensuring your house can weather the heat, the cold, the wet and the dry.

To find the right timber alternative for you, browse our alternative composite timber cladding, decking and fencing.


Alternative Fencing EnviroSlat fencing and screening slats are designed around great value for money, easy installation, superior looks, proven sustainability and low maintenance.

Decking & Cladding CleverDeck, great value, easy to install, environmentally sustainable and virtually maintenance free decking.

Decorative Landscaping Futurewood is currently developing a number of innovative landscaping products using recycled wood composite materials.

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